Designing high-level networks is one area that calls for the top expertise. To build effective solutions, it is not enough to be well-versed with devices, protocols, and topology. You should also meet business needs and stakeholder expectations. That’s why organizations search for experienced network design engineers with validated skills. This is a step-by-step guide covering how you can become such a specialist through the Cisco 200-301 CCNA VCE . 

First, let’s define who a network design engineer is. Read on to understand what this role entails and how you can land it by passing the 400-007 exam.

Who Is a Cisco Network Design Engineer?

A Cisco network design engineer is an expert who is responsible for the gathering and clarification of the Cisco 300-410 ENARSI VCE of a network and the creation of network designs that consider functional specifications. These individuals usually have high-level skills required to translate business requirements, budget, as well as operational constraints into the design of a converged solution that brings value to the company.

How to Become a Network Design Engineer

There are different steps to follow when you’re aiming to become a network design engineer through the Cisco 400-007 test. They include:

Learning about the testFinding more information about the Cisco 300-415 ENSDWI VCE is key to comprehending it better. The exam is delivered in written form. It is associated with the Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) v3.0 certification. To complete the certification path, you will also require to pass an 8-hour practical exam. The questions will be drawn from the 400-007 test’s objectives, including design targeting business strategy, control, data, as well as design targeting management plane, and network design. Others are service design and security design. To get more details on the evaluation, visit the official webpage where you can download its blueprint.

  • Scheduling the test

You’re allowed to register and schedule the Exam-Labs evaluation six weeks or even just a day before taking it. You’ll be scheduling it with Pearson Vue through a process that includes paying a fee of $450, plus tax. 

  • Doing your revision

You can begin your revision before or after scheduling your exam, but the earlier you start it, the better. There is a variety of study resources that you can use to consolidate your knowledge. You will find useful preparation options on the official exam webpage, including the technical training library, CCDE study group, and CCDE Study Guide. Additionally, you can supplement your training with practice tests downloaded from other reliable platforms. 

  • Taking the exam

The most important step to achieving your goal of becoming a network design engineer is by taking the test. You’ll be confronted with 90-110 MCQs to be tackled within 2 hours. You’re not supposed to leave any questions unanswered. Shortly after submitting your answers, you’ll receive your results. If you pass, you’ll get an email 24 hours later detailing the preceding steps.

  • Earning your certification

Passing the 400-007 written test makes you eligible for a Cisco CCNP Enterprise VCE . The next step would be to pass the lab-based evaluation so that you can finally draw the CCDE certification. Remember to keep your skills as well as accreditation updated every 3 years.

  • Polish your resume

Your resume will determine whether you land a job as a network design engineer. So, ensure to add the information about your newly acquired certification. From there, you can now begin the search for your desired job. With the accreditation, you’ll have a competitive advantage over other job seekers. Hiring managers will pick you because of your outstanding skills as shown by your resume. 


By now, you’ve already discovered how the Cisco CCIE Enterprise VCE can help you become a network design engineer. Make sure you’re aware of what it includes before you register and prepare for it. Also, don’t forget to add your new accomplishments to your resume. Following the simple steps outlined in this post, you will easily get a job as a network design engineer. Wishing you every success as you get ready for and take the 400-007 exam!