Want to get a property valued but don’t know how to choose the right valuer out of all the agents available in the valuation market? Check out this article to help you choose the right property valuer for your real estate. 

Property Valuation Agent

It is always advisable to get a property valued before buying, selling or even renting it. Valuation helps you to get an idea about the right market value of the property, and this can help you to crack the right deal.  

Whether you want to buy, sell, rent or mortgage a property, a real estate agent can help you to know the right value of the property. They are experienced professionals, and they know the market well. 

But the question is, how do you choose the right valuer for your property? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read this article till the end to get some tips that you can use while choosing a real estate valuer.

Research Well

First and foremost is to research the available property valuers in the city. Look for qualified and experienced property experts and you will definitely get a lot of options. 

You can also ask your friends, family members or someone who can help you to find a trusted and qualified professional who is well-aware about the current market trends and economic situations which can affect the value of the property. 

Always Choose a Registered Valuer

Make sure that the valuer you are choosing is a licensed professional. He should be a registered property valuer.

The figures and estimates provided by the valuer are considered authentic and credible. The government also uses these figures to resolve legal matters. So, check the accreditation of the property valuer while researching itself.

Ensure that the Valuer is Local

The valuer must be a local or must have a fair amount of knowledge and experience of the local property market. 

If the valuer is new to the locality, he might miss out some factors while evaluating the property due to lack of knowledge of the area.

Check their Work Records

Make sure to track the previous works of the valuer you are thinking to hire. Ask them about their experience and prior tasks. 

Goodwill of the valuer is a must. He should be trustworthy and to put trust in the valuer’s work, you need to check his background. 

Be Aware of their Expertise

No one is a master of everything. Different valuers have specialities in varied types of property. 

Some might be well-known for residential property valuing while some for commercial one. Some may possess specialisation in rental properties while some may work well as buyer or seller valuers.  

The expertise may vary depending on their fields of interests as well as their experience. So. hire an expert as per the kind of valuation you need. For example, to get commercial valuations done you need to make sure you are choosing commercial valuers in Australia.

Sample Valuation Report

Some valuers usually provide a sample report to the customers to gain their trust. Ask for the sample property valuation report to ensure it fulfils your requirements and has adequate information. 

Also, make sure that the format of the report is easy to read and highlights the essential things and issues clearly.  

Know their Fees

Valuation is a professional service offered by the real estate agents, and they charge a fee against their assistance. 

Different valuers ask for varied amount as per the factors they consider while charging for their service. 

It would be best if you chose the property valuer that fits your pocket but also make sure not to compromise with the quality.  

It is vital to strike a balance between the cost and quality so that the report fulfils your requirements well. 


All in all, the accuracy of your property valuation depends on the valuer you choose if you end up picking an inexperienced or insincere valuer; you might not get authentic results. While keeping in mind the points mentioned above, you can get the most out of your property valuation. 

An honest and experienced valuer will not only provide you with an accurate report but will also advise and help you to ease your work. So the next time when you have to choose a valuer for your property, use these simple tips, and you will definitely not regret. 

Thank you for reading!