Even for the most organized planners, wedding planning can be a hectic job. You need to find the right venue, select wedding decor, arrange transport, hire caterers, arrange music, photography, and much more. And that is just for the wedding day! There’s a whole lot of planning, research, and organization to do before the wedding day too. A professional wedding planner can help you go through all these tasks and more with a level head.

They can help you micromanage every last detail so that you can truly enjoy not just your wedding, but even the wedding preparations without stress. So how do you find that perfect wedding planner in Montreal? And if you do find one, what’s next? Here are a few things you should look for in a Montreal wedding planner.

Discuss Your Vision and Requirements

Discuss Your Vision and Requirements
The wedding is your day so it should be according to your wishes and needs. A good planner will listen to your wishes, try to understand what you want, and give suggestions according to your budget and requirements. What a wedding planner shouldn’t do is try to change your vision or influence you. When looking to find the perfect wedding planner, ensure that they love their work and are excited to help you plan the perfect wedding.

Discuss Your Wedding Budget

Making your dream wedding a reality can be a big undertaking. A good planner should sit down with you to discuss your vision, style, and expectations for your wedding day.

This is necessary to set up a budget for the wedding. You can always start with an initial budget and adjust it as needed once you start planning and coordinating with vendors. A planner can help you decide what is within your budget and even get you good deals and discounts from vendors. However, it is essential to set up a budget in the early stages of planning.

Coordinate With Venue and Vendors

Coordinate With Venue and Vendors
When planning a wedding you have to deal with different vendors for every service you require. This includes venue, decorator, caterer, transport, wedding cake, music, photography, and video, etc. A wedding planner can help you find the right venue and service vendors, negotiate your contracts, and communicate with them. Your planner should provide a timeline to all the vendors for the wedding day so that things are done on time. Also, they should follow up with the vendors to confirm the date, time, and other details that are part of your contract.

Day-of-Wedding Coordination

Most wedding planners provide an alternative service called day-of-wedding coordination only for managing the wedding day. A day-of coordinator usually steps in around a month before the wedding and goes through all your plans for the wedding day. They will coordinate with all the vendors, confirm the date and time, and ensure all the other little details are taken care of. If you believe you can handle the wedding planning successfully, this is a cheaper and better option for you. It helps take the pressure off you and your loved ones so that you can truly enjoy your big day!