A roller shutter has become a must needed things for a house. People are often installing it due to several benefits. However, it may often need to fixing in different parts like motor. So, are you one of them? If so, let’s know how to fix a roller shutter winder?

There are different types of roller shutters available, and their fixing process also varies. First, talk about the electric and manual roller shutter and their troubleshooting process separately.

How to Fix A Roller Shutter Winder?

There are two main roller shutter winders available in the market: electric and manual ones. So, you need a different strategy to fix them. Again the problem also varies upon the type of shutter. So how can you know that it needs to repair or fix?

Electric shutter

Most of the time, we have seen the major problems of electric shutters are in the motors. If you have found that the engine is humming or there is no noise, it must be removed or replaced immediately. It is not functioning anymore.

A manual roller shutter with belt

If there is a problem with the belt, the tank cannot move up and down. The very first thing that we need to check up here is the belt intact or not? If it is broken, you might see it hang out of the belt winder rather than curling it up.

Let’s talk about the major steps for fixing manual roller shutter winder


Firstly, you need to loosen the screws and remove the belt winder from the wall opening.

Disassemble the belt winder properly

You can take the rewinder from the holder and open it entirely. Did you find any broken or bore area there? Now your task is to remove them and insert a new string so that it might function properly.

You need to repair the old pen properly

A few centimeters of pins are broken off in some cases, so it can be fixed up properly if you wish. You need a transmission for them to the sawed offspring. Create a hole in the center by iron drill and grind the mold with Dremel.

Now it’s time to assemble the belt

You can put the old spring back into the previous winding box. Insert the drive sleeve properly, and after that, hook in the spring. It’s time to close the lid and bend back the safety pins to their previous position. In this way, the belt can be adequately replaced.

The final part tightens the belt

It will be a bad idea to tighten it too tight or too loose. If you do that, the roller shutter winder will not work properly. There is a chance that the roller shutter winder will not roll up properly if this happens. You can continue this process several times in different tensions.

If the belt is broken

Suppose you have noticed that the belt is broken, and it needs an emergency replacement. For removing the roller shutter belt, we need to start the procedure from the top side of the roller shutter and at the end of the belt retractor. The necessary ingredients that you might need here are

  • Water pump pliers
  • Side cutter
  • Ladder
  • Stanley knife
  • Different types of screwdrivers
  • Flashlight

Now firstly, open the roller shutter box and remove the old roller shutter belt. After that, you have to fasten the belt retractor. If you do not get the connection pin, you need to prick a small slit in the belt.

It usually is a metal tab that is responsible for bending the direction of the tab. You have to loosen the strap and do experiment it on the roller shutter shaft. 

By following this technique, you can easily prevent the rolling of a wedged screwdriver. It’s time to attach the brand new belt. While doing this, you need to correct the actual size. 

It should be done accurately; otherwise, all your attempts will have ended in the smoke. You can place the belt retractor at the back and make the screw tight.

Last Few words

We have discussed how to fix a roller shutter winder for both the electrical and manual. This is a step by step guide, and hopefully, it will help you learn a lot.

However, if you can not do it, hire a skilled handyman, ex. volets electriques to fix it. Please be safe while fixing the roller shutter winder. If you do have any more queries, please comment below.