Cushions were once the exclusive accessory for the rich and wealthy, yet today, scatter and throw cushions can be found in most chic living rooms, and believe it or not, there is an art to placing these colourful add-ons. Interior designers refer to cushions as “the lipstick of the lounge”, allowing you to add some bright colour that brings balance to the setting.

Here are a few tips from the pros on how best to select and place your cushions for maximum effect.

  • Go Bold with Neutral Colours – If you have a neutral room, throw a couple of bright and rich coloured cushions into the mix. Using trial and error, you can easily find the best placements. This will inject bright colour into an otherwise bland setting, and the more neutral the colour scheme, the brighter you can go.
  • Colour Coordinate with your Chosen Palette – Look for colours and patterns that go with the existing colour scheme, and place them in slightly contrasting areas. Let’s not forget wholesale cushion covers, which really do allow you to change colours on a regular basis, and they can be found from a leading online supplier.
  • Layer Cushion Textures – Cushion covers allow you to experiment with textures, mixing satin finishes with velvet and even suede. A row of textured cushions look great on a long leather sofa.
  • Karate Chop the Centre – This is an old interior designer trick that really does add some texture to any room, simply karate chop the centre of the cushion, which will produce a prominent crease. They can go horizontal or vertical. This adds a new shadow to the look, which can really make all the difference.

Karate Chop the Centre

  • Vary Shape & Size – Cushions don’t have to be uniform in shape or size, indeed, you might like to consider hexagonal, triangular and even oval cushions for stunning effect. Large can go with small, and let’s not forget the cylinder cushion, which makes for a great baseline on a long sofa.
  • Mixing Horizontal with Vertical – If, for example, you have vertical timber lines on the wall, throw in a few horizontal cushions, to add some texture contrast and break up the uniformity of lines. There is also a great article on how to mix and match cushions like a pro, which makes for an informative read.
  • Don’t Forget Sheeny Surfaces – Satin or silk provides a nice sheen, and you can even go for a metallic fabric, which adds a touch of the futuristic look, which is great for modern settings. Variety is the spice of life, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy hundreds of cushions, simply source an online wholesale cushion cover supplier and you can build up quite a collection.

Don’t Forget Sheeny Surfaces
Trial and error is the absolute best way to discover exciting combinations, and the wider your selection of cushion covers, the more scope you have. The great thing about mixing and matching cushions is it only takes a few minutes to change the look, and you can keep doing that until you find something that is pleasing to the eye.