Bath bombs are a fantastic way of lifting your spirits while you do absolutely nothing. Bath bombs explode in a splurge of colors and scents. These scents come from the rich essential oils that the bath bombs are made of. They not only make your bath water look glittery, colorful, and out of a fairytale but also enhance its quality with the use of aromatic oils that make your skin softer and healthier. You step out of a bath bomb tub dripping with colored water and smelling like a field of daisies and roses.

Bath bombs came as a way of shifting from bubble baths to something else. For instance, bath bombs have the cleansing properties of a perfect body wash, rainbow colors, and fragrant therapeutic essential oils that help calm people down and make them smell better. These colorful little bath fizzers are huge on social media now, with hundreds of thousands of people capturing pictures and videos of them trying out bath bombs.

So how do you use a bath bomb? When do you release it in the water, and when do you get in? Bath bombs come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and contain different skin-hydrating and softening agents. Using a bath bomb is pretty simple.

1. Fill your bathtub:

Fill up your bathtub with water. Make sure the water is just as you like it. Make it just as deep and hot as you would normally. Once the tub is filled with water, you can move to the next step.

2. Wrap the bath bomb:

This step is optional. Many bath bombs contain stuff like flower petals that can clog your drain. Wrapping such bath bombs in a nylon cloth will allow you to trap the petals and enjoy the goodness of the bomb.

3. Put in the bath bomb:

Release the bath bomb into the tub full of water. Watch as it fizzes away and bubbles in your bathwater. The colorful trail it leaves behind is a sight to see. In a few seconds, the bath bomb will start to disintegrate into smaller pieces that will dissolve in the water.

4. Get in:

When the bath bomb has completely disintegrated, you can get into your bathtub. Some people also prefer getting in while the bath bomb is fizzing away. Whichever way you prefer is fine. Remember, the point is relaxation.

5. Wash up:

This may sound weird since you just got out of a bath. But bath bombs contain glitter, dyes, and  oils that can remain stuck to your body. Wash them away with a body wash if you want. Simply rinsing yourself clean should work too.

6. Clean your bathtub:

Your bath bomb will leave remnants behind in the tub. Make sure to clean it with a piece of cloth and water so that your next bath is clean.

Bath bombs are amazing to experiment with. You not only get a colorful experience but also come out of it smelling great.