Indeed, clothing does not define who you are, but did you know what else is true? Many people don’t know that.

Numerous studies have shown that people tend to judge others mostly by how they are dressed. A simple example being; a well-dressed man is more likely to be treated with more respect than one who is not as well dressed.

This doesn’t mean that you should get into debt buying expensive clothes. It only means that you need to build a wardrobe that will enhance your appearance and reflect your style and what you stand for. Your wardrobe needs to be true to you.

Listed below are steps that you can follow to build a wardrobe that is true to you.

  • Style is forever.

Trends come and go. They are like seasons; they never last. It would be best if you always remembered this when buying your clothes. There is no need to buy an item because it is the current trend, only for it to sit in your closet when another trend comes up.

Being trendy is cool, but being fashionable is cooler. It would be best if you had clothes that will stand the test of time while also complementing your style.

  • Quality is King.

Now when most people hear the word quality, they think about price. This may be true to some extent. However, quality isn’t always about price. Some stores sell quality clothing at affordable prices. So there is no excuse.

It might also be useful to remember that cheap is expensive. Make it a point only to buy quality clothing. They last longer and will always look new.

  • What’s your style?

Are you a suit or more of a jeans type of person? What’s your signature look? A more straightforward question would be, what do you like wearing? If you like wearing boots, it would be preferable to get clothes that go well with boots.

  • Dress for comfort.

Ever bought clothes that were stylish and of good quality, only to find out that the trouser or the shoe didn’t make you feel comfortable?

When you buy a pair of shoes, try wearing them in the house. The goal here is to have a feel of the comfort they provide. If they do not feel as comfortable as you wish, you need to return them.

For more comfortable clothing, you can get your body measurements professionally taken. That way, you will always be sure of what sizes to buy. Baggy clothes and overly tight clothes will only work against you.

  • Slowly is the fastest way there.

Building a quality wardrobe that complements your style and turns heads is not something you do in a day. It takes time.

Here, the law of compounding interest comes into play. When you occasionally buy the right clothes that are of excellent quality. In due time, you will have a wardrobe that you can be proud of. Most importantly, one that will get heads turning.