Blogging was introduced as an updated version of writing diary entries online without the use of a leather padfolio. Nowadays, blogging has become immensely popular, but once upon a time, it was limited to a group of dedicated hobbyists.

Blogging creates a safe space for individuals to interact online by sharing their experiences or stories. It also helps promote businesses by making communication with consumers easier.

However, quality content is the secret to a successful blog, and there’s no denying this fact. Your content needs to be original and should offer value to the readers. Most importantly, a blog should revolve around what the readers are looking forward to reading and not what you want for them to read. Here are some pro tips to help you get a kickstart on your blogging journey.

Social Media Analytics

The process of collecting and evaluating data from social platforms is called social media analytics. Social media platforms go beyond just Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; they include other forums too like

Collecting content for blogs is pretty much the same as making any momentous decision – it requires planning and strategy. Effective blogging requires the blogger to conduct research on a large scale and collect data based on people’s online preferences.

This type of research can include reviewing other blogs, going through Facebook likes, or finding posts with the most engagement on them. Doing a thorough analysis will result in you attracting a large audience as you’ll be providing them with the type of content that’s trending and will lead to your blog gaining popularity.

Ask your viewers

You can conduct a survey online in which you give your viewers options between specific topics that they want your blog to talk about. Other than that, you can ask them to suggest topics that they are particularly interested in. Doing so will allow you to get a good idea about what your readers want, and will drastically reduce the chances of you wasting your time writing about something unpopular.

Keep track of what’s going in your industry

There’s always something or the other happening at some part of the world that affects industries all over. One significant example is how the current pandemic is impacting businesses all around. As a blogger, you can pick the news that’s trending, is controversial, or offers solutions to problems the masses are facing.

Youtube videos

Not only does Youtube provide people with the opportunity to interact over a platform, but it also gives you the authority to decide which videos are going to trend and become hits. You can do this just by subscribing or liking them. To find a topic that’ll suit your blog, you can go over the videos that are trending on Youtube and figure out what the viewers demand.


From social media analytics, Youtube videos, and conducting surveys online – the internet as a whole, provides various forums which can be used to accumulate ideas to base your content upon. Remember, quality content is always relevant – it gives people the answers and solutions they want. All you have to do is pick the topic that you can utilize to help your readers.