Are you getting bothered by the news regarding the environment these days? Do you agree that as a good citizen, you need to do your part? You need to do in your own little ways to help mother earth be preserved and to take action against man made environmental issues. If you want to do this, you can start from the comfort of your home. You can do recycling as well as composting to manage your household wastes. Through this, you will not contribute to the growing problem of the world related to the garbage disposal.

At home, even if you have a limited area, you can still do composting through the use of tumblers, compost bins and other similar containers that could do the purpose. All you need to do is to know the procedure so that you can do composting successfully. This is important because there are issues you can encounter along the way such as attracting flies, causing a foul odor in your place, and many more. If you want to know more about compost tumbler, this is the guide that you are looking for.
How to Use a Compost Tumbler

How to Use a Compost Tumbler

Here are the steps that you need to do in order to do compost in a tumbler easily and successfully:

  1. Prepare the containers or the tumblers that you are going to use for your composting project. If you are going to use a tumbler that’s already clean and free from any chemicals, you have nothing to worry about. But, if you are going to use a container used to stock paint and other hazardous mixtures or chemicals, your bets to clean the container so that you can produce a healthy and dark looking soil.
  2. Once you are ready to get started, just get some compost material and lay it on the tumbler. Make sure to create a lining before you start putting wastes in your compost tumbler. The layering of compost is very important because it promotes a faster and quicker decay process.
  3. The temperature in your compost is very vital so that the decay process could take place. It is a must that it has about 140 *F temperature.
  4. Aside from the temperature, you also need to observe the moisture in your compost. It should also be maintained so that the process of composting will be done. Hydration is very important, so once you noticed that it is getting too dry, don’t hesitate to add more water. Just be sure not to put too much water making it like a slush.
  5. The compost should be monitored. Make sure to check if the compost is turning greenish brown. If it is achieving this color, it means that you are near completion. You will know that it is ready when it is totally dark brown.
  6. Once the color turned to dark brown, you are now ready to reap the benefit from your hard work. You can flip back the tumbler depending on its design to get the compost that you can use for your plants. The process is just very easy, but it totally needs patience, time, and effort.

Having or doing your own compost at home is very beneficial in may ways. You are able to lessen the garbage that you are producing at home. You will not need to buy a lot of garbage bags for decaying garbage. You can just easily put them in the compost, and later on, you can have a high-quality compost for your gardening needs. You will be hitting two birds in one stone as many people say. Your garbage is taken cared of while producing a compost that would be very helpful to you. If you put them in your garden or even in your plant pots, you will see significant growth in your plants. They will really serve as an organic fertilizer that can make your plants grown healthier.
Use a Compost Tumbler
If you are going to start compost tumbler, you should also share it to your family and friends. You should help and encourage more people to do the same so that we can all create a change for us to achieve a better and safer world. We can all help in saving mother earth. What are you waiting for? Get started with your compost now and ask your friends to take part in it. Encourage them and let them be with you throughout the process so that they will be motivated.

If you need compost tumbler supplies, you can also find it online. There are online shops where you can get it. You can also take advantage of finding some ready materials and eBooks that can really take you to advance composting projects. You can enhance your knowledge and do more things for mother earth.