Getting married?

Planning for your special day needs a whole lot of thoughtful care. You need to ensure that every aspect and detail is in perfect condition. This goes from the color of the décor to the music that plays.

You need to choose the perfect music. Keep in mind that music doesn’t simply set the mood — it has a psychological and emotional effect on people too. We have some suggestions to help you jumpstart your search and give you some ideas to work with.

Let us look at the wedding songs that would fit your special day.

1. All of Me (John Legend)

One of the wedding songs that you can include would be this heartfelt track by John Legend. Looking at the song’s lyrics highlights how one loves the other. Both strengths and flaws, nothing hindering in between.

It works both as a wonderful track for a slow dance during the reception. You can also have this playing during the entourage.
All of Me (John Legend)

2. Come Away With Me (Norah Jones)

For a jazzier tune on your wedding day, this song by Norah Jones fits well as a great track for the first dance. It has a soft and mellow feel, fitting for an intimate slow dance to bask at the moment. The vocal work alone should be a great one to fit with.

3. My Girl (The Temptations)

This hit track by The Temptations still tickles the fancy of both young and old. For those who have the knack for the classics, this is a great track to go for at a wedding. It also had several renditions but the original arrangement brings it to fit in a wedding dance.

This song can be fun for wedding dance bands to perform.

4. The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra)

Another classic song that you can add is this Frank Sinatra hit. It first came out in 1936, featured in the movie Swing Time. What made this a song fitting for weddings was due to the 1942 film Once Upon a Honeymoon.
The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra)
From then on, it became a popular track in weddings everywhere and praised as one of the romantic love songs for weddings. Whether you like the classic arrangement used by Sinatra, or the more Bossa Nova feel in Michael Buble’s rendition. This song should be perfect for the evening.

5. Marry Me (Train)

For a heartwarming track to play during the first dance, this ballad should drive that point home for the celebration. This 2009 Top 40 Billboard hit by Train should provide you with a fitting acoustic ballad that makes it the go-to wedding song.

Have Your Wedding Songs Ready!

These wedding songs fit as recommendations for your special day. Though what sets a song apart for you is in how special they are and what the message holds. Think about that as you look for that special song that you should hear when you march the aisle and take the dance floor after.

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