This is a common question asked while choosing the best dump cart for lawn tractor.
I know the question is relatively wrong but it is what it is.
Anyway, let’s move on to the answering part.

Factors to consider before buying the best dump cart:

buying the best dump cart

You can’t just go inside the shop and purchase a random cart for your lawn tractor. There are some key factors that you need to consider before buying a dump cart.


The material that your cart is made out of is very important. If you are going to use it in steep or curvy area then you must go for metal dump carts.

If you want to cheap out because you live in a relatively straight and not curvy area then you can get away with using plastic dump carts.
But we suggest metal ones because they are built strongly and they can hold their ground alongside any lawn tractor.

Max Load:

The max load of a dump cart is really important. If you are using a dump cart for hauling things and move them from one place to another then you definitely going to need a high-end dump cart with more max loads.

In most common scenarios a conventional dump cart can easily horde around a thousand pounds. But if you are buying one for your garden you just want to keep the waste and tree branches on the cart then you don’t need more than 500 pounds of max load.


This is really important. Because depending on your surface the mobility may vary.

The mobility of a dump cart means how fast it can be moved from one place to another. As we are talking about dump carts for a lawn tractor, you absolutely need a dump cart with 4 wheels.

The wheel size and material play a huge role in the mobility department of a dump cart.

You should buy a dump cart that has swivel. It allows you to move the cart easily.

If you can find a cart with suspension that would be heavenly for
areas with steep, curvy, and narrow terrains.

Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart:

Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart

This cart can carry up to 1200pounds. It is perfect for both commercial and home use. It has a quick-release dump feature which means you can load and dump your trash faster than ever.

Even though the frame is made out of steel the body is made out of robust high-quality poly.

By no means it has a weak build quality. 1200 pounds is no joke.

The steel is rustproof so, you can use the cart for a long-time.

The cleaning process of this magnificent cart is easy. No high maintenance cost. In the long run, it is a good investment.

Polar Trailer Clam LG7, 600 Pound Capacity, Black:

If you live in a narrow terrain this little cart going to help you. It is a perfect dump cart for your lawn tractor if the road to your lawn is rather narrow.

This small cart can only hold up to 600 pounds. Don’t get me wrong 600 pounds is a lot. But comparing to the one we mentioned earlier it is half of that one.

But like we said as the cart is narrow and mainly aimed towards people that carry a small number of things with their dump cart, this is perfect for them.

The frame is made out of stainless steel and is rustproof. The body is made out of durable plastic.

Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart:

Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

Another cart from the brand called Gorilla. They make some of the best dump carts so why not. This is also trademarked for heavy-duty use.

The max load limit of this cart is 1200 pounds. Big improvements from the last one.

The 4 wheel design makes it an ideal choice for your lawn tractor. Remember we suggested that 4 wheeler is must for most effective performance. The 2 in 1 pin lock system gives you the freedom of using it alone or you can attach it to your lawn tractor and use it.

We don’t suggest people with narrow terrain to buy it but, people that live in steep or curvy mountain type areas this cart is perfect.

The stainless steel body will support you mighty fine.

Using a dump cart on steep, curvy and narrow terrain can be troublesome but it is not impossible.

If you are a good driver and know how to operate the lawn tractor you should be fine using any good 4 wheel dump cart.