Having a pool in your home is quite a challenge. You have to keep them clean, or else unknown particles will grow in them. I know summer has gone past, the cold season is fast approaching, but that is not the reason to leave it unclean. There are various ways to save your water without removing them and putting so much work when summer hits again.

Some owners often cover their pool when summer is over; this makes them less-worried and gives them no reason to clean it once in a while (read more).

Why Should You Clean Everyday

  • Avoid Algae Growth – if you don’t know what algae are, it is the green moss-like particles found on the water. Don’t worry because algae are not bacteria but a kind of plant.
  • Keeping drains working – drains are designated to pull in any debris that will land on water. The drain must be checked and cleaned regularly.
  • Keeping away germs and contaminants – stagnant water may cause insects like mosquitos to breed. These may affect the safety measures of your family.
  • Maintaining great appearance – nobody likes to see a dirty and smelly pool so if you want a boost up on your home appearance, better start cleaning it.

You may have found yourself watching many satisfying trendy videos about cleaning that are appearing on TikTok, Facebook, or any social media platform. These videos are quite useful and some people even copy what the video maker is doing. Worry no more because I got some hacks that you may follow as well.

Tips For Easy Cleanup

1. Remove Metal Stains With Lime Juice

Metals are quick to rust, tarnish or lose their shine if contacted with water or any moisture for a very long period. Rusty metals attached to or near your pool might cause an infection if you dipped in with an open wound. There might be many things to happen with or without an injury, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

The lime juice is better mixed with salt because it enables the acid from lime. Try to grab a sponge or scrubber and gently scrub away the dirt and grime. This way, the metals that are attached to your pool will be polished and treated.

2. Use Only The Recommended Cleaning Robot.

If you’re too tired or lazy to clean your pool, there’s no need to worry because there are so many choices for best robotic pool cleaners that you can buy in the market, either online or in a physical store. They can do the work for you!

Every homeowner should invest in cleaning robots; it is worth it for every penny if they have one due to their efficiency. Plus, their maintenance will be reduced and gives an aesthetically pleasing to have a clean pool.

3. Have Your Filter Function 8 Hours Everyday

Keep the water flowing all the time as there are a lot of chemicals that are being added to your pool to refine its cleanliness. By running your filter every day, allows you to distribute the chemicals throughout the water. However, you need to track your energy consumption since that would be the most affected part of the entire process.

4. Have a Maintenance Schedule

It is good to have a routine cleaning for your maintenance because it is difficult when there are many things to keep up with, especially if you don’t have a good memory. Organizing your schedule to clean your pool every day will keep you up with every task. However, you can always be more lenient towards this goal as long as you do the regular cleaning activity.

5. Clean Your Tiles And Increase PH level With Baking Soda

Using baking soda as a cleaning hack has gained popularity over the internet. You may use it as a cleaning agent by mixing vinegar or lemon juice on the baking soda. Now, you have a safer cleaning material compared to the commercial options. It also allows the alkaline level or PH of your swimming area to increase. You may read more on this website: https://www.homes.com/blog/2016/12/15-must-use-pool-maintenance-hacks-can-keep-pool-clean-green for more information. Also, you may add at least 1.5 pounds of baking soda to the water, as recommended by cleaning experts.