If you would have to take a knife for survival or general tasks or others, which one would you like to prefer – Mora Companion or Mora Bushcraft? 


We know that both Mora Knives are widely popular and famous for their high quality. But, if you are visiting web stores to choose a Mora knife, you will face quite a difficulty. Because both of the Mora knives are almost identical and you can hardly get a difference between them. So, if you are confused about choosing the right one, this article will help you to get rid of this confusion.

Actually, here, we will discuss the comparisons between Mora Companion and Mora Bushcraft for better understanding.

Detailed Comparison on Mora Companion vs Mora Bushcraft

Here, we will present the difference between Mora Companion vs Bushcraft. Let’s check.

Mora Bushcraft :

Actually, Mora knives vary according to the designs of their handles. Here, Mora Bushcraft belongs to the category of mid-range. This design is very high quality but does not cost much. You will get most bushcraft knives under 100 which is OK for most of the people. 


Bushcraft is much similar to the edition of Tactical one. The dissimilarity is that the Tactical edition bears the MOLLE compatible sheath where bushcraft has the regular sheath.


Mora Bushcraft also has other characteristics such as a high frictional handle made with TPE rubber. The curved handle is similar to the Companion one. And, it has notched to index fingers. That is why it is much more comfortable to grip. It is also light in weight and solid. The handle is very comfortable to grip and there is no losing grip issue.

Mora Companion

Mora companion is an entry-level knife. And, the price is more affordable also. It bears an old traditionally designed handle. Actually, it is an inheritance of the clippering model where TPE High friction rubber is used. Moreover, a checkered texture is also used. Mora companion is much comfortable to hold and also very light in weight. The curved handle also ensures its solid handling.

Difference In the blades:

There is not much difference between the blades of Mora Companion and Mora Bushcraft. You will hardly get any variation between them. But, if we look closely, we will find that the blades are similar in shape but there is a difference in the thickness and length.


Mora bushcraft has thicker and longer blades which are 4.3 ft in length and its thickness is .0125 inch or 3.2mm. By using its longer blade, you can handle more barriers. It can be used for ripping wooden sticks and also slicing paper. It is more usual, suitable to handle, and also good for doing heavier tasks.


But, the Mora Companion has thinner and shorter blades. The length of the blade is 4.0 ft and 0.098 ft or 2.5 mm in thickness. This shorter length makes a versatile barrier for it. But, there is one positive outcome. Mora Companion is lighter in weight and easy to carry on.

Final words 

We give all the differences between the two knives. Now, it is the decision time. If you are searching for a knife that is lightweight and does not cost much, Mora Companion will be the best choice for you as an entry-level model. On the other hand, if your choice is to do something harder tasks and withstand the abuse, then Mora Bushcraft is suitable for you.