Plumbing is a construction necessity in every commercial establishment keeping the building’s operation up and running. However, these significant waterworks can compose of pipes and vessels that ruin the elegance of your place and cause safety hazards when left exposed. One of the most innovative ways to conceal less decorative fixtures is installing access doors such as plastic ceiling access panels.  

Here, you’ll find out the importance of having ceiling access doors, especially in commercial spaces, the different types of ceiling panels you can install, and a list of things you should prepare and consider before installing your plumbing ceiling access panel.  

Three reasons why it’s crucial to have ceiling panels   

Access doors bring many benefits to the available plumbing in your ceiling. However, there are three crucial reasons why it’s a must-have for your waterworks and how it can improve your building’s operation.   

Safety and Security   

Buildings with exposed plumbing works are particularly prone to threats wherein the lives of the people and equipment are at risk. Thus, it’s critical for you to have an access door that will secure your plumbing system and keep it away from the easy reach of unauthorized persons.  

Easy cleaning and maintenance access   

When used over time, plumbing pipes, vessels, and drains can turn greasy and crummy due to the various fluids passing through its system. Hence, cleaning and maintenance are vital to keeping the structure neat and ensuring long-time usage. Hired personnel assigned to do the job need an easy entry point that ceiling access doors can provide.  

Keep the establishment visually appealing 

Plumbing fixtures can make your commercial space less attractive, and ceiling panels are the best solution to conceal these furnishings. You can efficiently choose from many plumbing access doors and install them on your ceiling to maintain the elegance of your establishment’s upper interior facade.  

Different access panels suitable for commercial ceiling plumbing   

  • Plastic access panels  

Plastic access doors are unconventional plumbing panels breaking the typical plywood-based access panels. Moreover, it’s the most recommended panel type to purchase, especially if you’re seeking to install a premium utility containing the best material quality for your ceilings. However, its uniqueness comes with a bit costly price range.  

  • Plumbing access hatch  

Many construction professionals find plumbing access hatch the most suitable for ceiling applications. It resembles a trap door protecting your plumbing system from outdoor elements, particularly harmful ones. Some of its variants even come with a lock and latch that can further secure your waterworks from unwarranted openings. To avoid problems, pick the proper panel size that perfectly fits your ceiling’s needs.   

  • Metal access panels  

Metal-built access doors are also an impressive alternative to plywood and plastic-based panels. This access panel type is durable, sturdy, and fire-resistant, slowing down the spread of a fire breakout. In addition, it grants medium-security level power to prevent illegal access.    

  • Wooden access doors  

Wooden panels are the traditional types of access doors typically used in concealing less decorative fixtures such as plumbing on your ceilings. It’s the expert’s best suggestion for achieving a vintage and rustic look for your commercial spaces. However, its durability quickly dies down, making it unsuitable for customers striving for longevity.   

  • Drywall access panels  

On the other hand, drywall access doors are the best fitting for attic and basement areas of commercial spaces. Your plumbing’s water valves can seamlessly hide through a drywall panel. Additionally, installing is straightforward, and your hired builders will only take a few minutes to apply.  

Things to prepare and consider before installation:   

  • The right type of access doors and panels  

Depending on your building’s needs and goals, you must choose the panel type that can suffice the specific establishment area’s demands. For instance, if you wish to have a ceiling access door that can stand long once a fire breaks out, metal access panels can best meet it. Furthermore, consider the availability of the product near your area and your allotted budget when deciding which access door to buy.  

  • Take precise measurements  

Noting accurate measurements is a necessary procedure that you shouldn’t take too lightly when installing, as one mistake can adversely affect the insulation and protection of your plumbing. Always refer to the access panel’s catalog of product sizes and select the one that will address your ceiling plumbing concerns.  

  • Prepare safety gear  

Equip yourself with proper gears that can protect you and your plumbing system. For instance, drywall panels can be dusty to apply, and these components are detrimental for inhalation, so it’s crucial to have a google or dust mask around during installation. Moreover, it will also help to cover your pipes to protect them from small debris and specks of dust.  

Save you from future hassles and further expenses  

It’s time to stop treating ceiling access panels as an additional expense. Instead, it would be best if you immediately thought of it as a fundamental installation in your commercial space that will save you from much more costly and inconvenient plumbing damage repairs that you can experience in the future once the application’s skipped. Freely choose from a wide range of plumbing ceiling access panels while considering different factors like purpose and budget to safely, securely, and neatly conceal your pipes.