Bathroom vanity and bathroom cabinet appear to be simply two names for the same thing, but there’s actually a difference between these terms. The difference in their meaning is subtle and their usage frequently overlapped by custom cabinet makers, but if you’re considering a bathroom remodel, make sure there’s clarity between the two terms. This article aims to provide information on what makes a vanity and what makes a cabinet.

Main Differences Between Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Cabinets

In our everyday lives, we often tend to use the terms “bathroom vanity” and “bathroom cabinet” interchangeably. In reality, however, there are certain differences between them that set one apart from the other.

While a bathroom vanity is almost always a combination of a sink and storage, the primary difference between a bathroom vanity and bathroom cabinet is that the former usually includes a sink, while the latter is most often used for extra storage.

Bathroom cabinets are free-standing pieces that house storage for toiletries or linens. These cabinets typically have mirrors above them and sometimes doors on them to hide items in the bathroom that don’t need constant replenishing. Bathroom vanities, on the other hand, are usually just sink tops with drawers or cabinets below it. A bathroom vanity has plumbing included and is always considered a permanent part of the room’s design.

Designing Your Bathroom: What Should You Consider?

You want your bathroom to be functional, stylish, and easy to maintain. Take into account the space available, what items you want to store in the cabinet or on the vanity top and how much room you need for opening drawers when determining what product will fit your needs.


A bathroom’s size is directly related to its layout. Whether you have a small bathroom or large, you will want to have custom bathroom vanities that work well with the size of your space. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, it can benefit from lower-profile vanities that create more floor space and make it seem larger. If your bathroom is large, floating vanities or wall-mounted ones can be a good option. Undercounter baskets and containers provide space under the vanity for extra storage.


Taking into account the frequency of use and the presence of children or pets, you’ll also need to consider maintenance needs, such as easy cleaning or waterproofing.


The more sinks, the more convenient it is for you to get ready every morning. Some people prefer two sinks so that they can simultaneously dry their hands and wash their face or brush their teeth without having to turn on the faucet twice. With two sinks in your bathroom, you can get fully ready for the day without having to rush.