Steel production in Ontario is booming, which is good news for the economy and those in the market for a new prefabricated steel building. However, Ontario has a wet, cold climate, which can take a toll on even the most well-built structures. Galvanized and Galvalume steel rate highly for their corrosion resistance, making them ideal choices for buildings in Ontario’s often-wet climate. 

Prefabricated buildings made of steel are becoming more and more popular due to their many benefits. However, if you consider purchasing prefabricated steel buildings Ontario, it is essential to ask the manufacturer some questions first. 

This post will discuss the questions you should ask before buying a prefabricated steel building.

1) What Is the Minimum Wind Speed For Your Buildings?

Wind speed is a critical factor in deciding if a steel building is suitable for you. Expert companies offer buildings that can withstand wind speeds of up to 140 mph. 

You should also ask about the snow load capacity. Ontario sees an average of 98 cm of snowfall each year. The standard roof pitch for a steel building is a minimum of ¼:12, which means that for every 12 inches (305 mm) horizontally, the roof rises at least ¼ inch (635 mm).

You can rest assured that the investment will be well worth it with the right company. 

2) What Type Of Steel Do They Offer?

Some of the commonly used steel types are:




It is essential to know what type of steel your manufacturer uses because the quality and price can vary greatly. For example, A36 is low-carbon steel commonly used in construction. A572 is high-strength low alloy steel used in bridges and buildings. A500 is a medium-strength steel popular in tubular applications like storage racks.

Your manufacturer should be able to tell you what type of steel they use and why it is the best option for your project. If they cannot, or will not, answer this question, you should look for another manufacturer. 

3) Is The Steel Galvanized Or Galvalume?

Two types of steel are commonly used in prefabricated buildings – galvanized and Galvalume. Galvanized steel is coated with a layer of zinc, which helps to protect the steel from rust and corrosion. Galvalume steel is coated with a layer of aluminum, which also helps to protect the steel from rust and corrosion.  

Galvanized steel is more susceptible to rust and corrosion than Galvalume steel. If you live in a place with high humidity or salt air, you may want to choose Galvalume steel for your prefabricated steel building. 

4) How Often Do You Have To Re-Coat The Steel?

The coating on steel buildings in Ontario helps protect it from rust and other weather damage, so you want to make sure that it is in good condition. In addition, you should ask how often the manufacturer recommends that you re-coat the steel and whether they offer a warranty on the coating.

The warranty will cover details like:

-The length of time the warranty is in effect

-What is covered under the warranty

-How to file a claim?

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re planning to build a commercial warehouse, an agricultural storage shed, or a new home, you must do your research before purchasing a prefabricated steel building. By asking your manufacturer the right questions, you can ensure that you’re getting the best product.