The rising costs of the countertops, cabinets and appliances have made kitchen renovation as one of the most expensive remodeling affairs. That’s why most of the homeowners choose to freshen up the paints of the CozyHome Kitchens cabinet to boost the look of the dulled granite.

However, the changes in the look require much more than that of buying gallons of your favorite colors. There are many steps that you need to take to make sure that your painting job is done right. Check the following details and make sure you follow them all while painting the cupboards of your kitchen.

Materials and Paintbrushes that You Would Need

Paint: Always try to buy the paint that is specially designed for trim. Check for the term enamelled in the label of the paint. The higher the sheen of the paint, the more durable the finish will be.

Roller: To get the optimum results, you should use 4-6 inch foam rollers for covering the sides of the cabinets and their face frames.

Square Brush: The straight ended 3-4 inch brushes make the job of painting the larger flat surface of the cabinet easier.

Angled Brush: The 21/2-3 inch synthetic angled brush would help you to reach to the corners of the doors and the shelves without facing any difficulties.

HVLP Sprayer: If you do not love the hand-brushed looks of the paint, then you should buy the HVLP sprayer to get a smooth and factory-like finish.

Things to Do Before You Start

Why Should You Choose Painting The Cabinets?

If you think that painting the cabinets of CozyHome Kitchens is too much for you, then just compare the prices of the new cabinets to the money that you would need to spend for repainting it, and it would be easier for you to choose the right path.

Now that you are sure about repainting the cabinets of your kitchen, here are some of the steps that you need to follow.

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

Painting the cabinets of your kitchen means you are making a vital part of your home completely off-limits for days. You need to plan ahead to make sure that your cooking and food making does not get affected by the painting job.

Set up the toaster, hot plate and a cooler in another room to create a make-shift kitchen. Use paper plates to eat food so that you don’t need to use the sink as much.

Steps for Painting the Cabinets

Prep the Room

Diligent preparation is the base of any successful paintwork. So, before you start to paint the cabinets, you should focus on prepping the room and the cabinets first.

Start the process by emptying the cabinets. Also, remove any of the free-standing appliances from your kitchen. Relocate the tables and other furniture from your kitchen to another room. Use tapes to attach the rosin papers to the floors and countertops of your kitchen.

Tape plastic sheets over the windows, backsplash, and the fixed appliances to save them and the rest of the house from the fumes and dust. Don’t forget to mask off all the walls around the cabinets. Set a worktable to paint the drawers, doors and shelves of the cabinets.

Remove the Drawers, Doors and Shelves

Back out the hinge, screws, and remove the doors. Give them numbers according to the placements of the cabinets. Remove the shelves and number them as well. Transfer the number of the doors to the exposed wood under the hinges and cover it with fresh tape.

Clean the Surfaces

The next step is cleaning each and every one of the surfaces of the cabinets thoroughly. Use a degreaser and abrasive kitchen scrub sponge to remove all the grease and grime from the doors and selves of the CozyHome Kitchens cabinets. You can also use a stronger cleaner if the ordinary cleaning does not seem that effective.

Prime the Cabinet Box

Use slow-drying oil-based primers to prepare the wooden cabinets for the fresh paint. If you are using brushing putty, you should use a good quality nylon polyester brush. The putty does not get leveled as it dries. You have to sand it properly to create a smooth surface. Use a stain-blocking primer if your cabinets are stained pretty heavily.

Sand, Caulk and Fill

Once the primer is dry, sand the surface with 220 grit sandpaper. Use medium-grit sandpaper to sand any of the profiled surfaces. Use a thin bit of latex caulk to close any of the unwanted open seams.

Paint The Cabinets

Now that you have prepared the boxes for the painting, you can start it. If you are painting the same color on the cabinets, you will require less number of coatings. However, if you are using a lighter color than the previous one, you might need three or more coats to get the desired results. Between the coats, don’t forget to sand the surface lightly and clean up the debris afterwards.

Without any doubts, painting the CozyHome Kitchens cabinets is one of the toughest jobs to complete. If you are an amateur, chances of making mistakes rise pretty high. So, if you don’t want to waste your time and money on your kitchen cabinets, you should get in touch with professional cabinet builders.