When you hear the words metal building you’ll probably have visions of a tin shack, or perhaps a converted container. This isn’t what is meant by a metal building, although some of the container homes are actually very impressive.

In fact, a steel building looks very like a traditional timber-clad home, the main difference is the appearance of the cladding and the fact that the frame is made from metal, as is the cladding.

If you decide to take this route you’ll need reputable steel suppliers in Sydney, the highest quality steel is important to ensure the longevity of your home.

In fact, there are a surprising number of benefits to building with metal:


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Metal is much more durable than wood, it will last for a significantly longer time and is less likely to warp or suffer from excess heat and moisture causing contraction and expansion.

In fact, metal has been used in industrial buildings for many years, it is strong enough to support high loads and is even resistant to most Earthquakes. That’s an important consideration if you live in an earthquake zone.


Almost every building has to be finished onsite. However, a metal building can be prefabricated in a factory and delivered to you on a lorry. All you or your builder will need to do is bolt the steel girders together. Some fabrications firms will even offer this service for you.

The amount of time it takes to fabricate and construct a metal building is dramatically less than a traditional build.

Environmentally Friendly

This one may surprise you but the truth is that most steel buildings are actually made from recycled metal, there is minimal damage to the environment in the creation process as it is simply a matter of melting down old materials and re-shaping them.

Even sustainable wood builds have an environmental impact.

It’s also worth noting that metal buildings are instantly ready for solar panels, helping you to reduce your emissions and save money.


You should get a 40-50 year warranty on the walls of your metal home. That’s a great peace of mind. But, more importantly, the metal is coated, unless you damage the coating, it won’t need any more maintenance than a regular clean during its lifetime. That gives you more time to do the things you enjoy!

You’ll also never have to worry about termites, they don’t eat metal.

Equally, mol, mildew, or wet rot are not an issue. All you have to do is make sure the protective coat is not damaged. If it is you can apply a new coating to continue protecting the metal frame and walls of your home.

The Finished Look

A metal house doesn’t have to look like a metal home. You can get virtually any finish, including a wood look. That means you can custom design your home and make it really stand out if you want to. You can even choose the color of the metal finish or a selection of colors.