You might not be romantic in the slightest, but most people find it within their heart to at least purchase flowers on Valentine’s Day. It’s almost the bare minimum that you can do. Of course, some will go to much greater lengths, but flowers seem like a reasonable first step.

It goes without saying that if you are used to buying flowers on just one day of the year, this approach becomes a bit difficult. You don’t want to be that person who picks them up from the local service station, with the hope of striking lucky with a decent bunch. Instead, there are various steps you can follow, and today’s article will highlight four of these.

Tip #1 – Avoid the service station approach

Avoid the service station approach
OK, we don’t want to talk too much about this as it has already been touched upon, but far too many of us fall into this trap. It’s not because we’re not thoughtful – it’s usually because we’re just not prepared. In other words, at 5pm after work on Valentine’s Day, we realize that we have to buy something.

The best way around this is to just plan in advance. Last year, I turned to Avas Flowers a couple of days prior to the big day, and didn’t look back. Take a look at the Avas Flowers Instagram or Twitter page, while there are also a lot of Avas Flowers coupons doing the rounds at the moment.

Flowers are not equal

You might have bought into the myth of roses being red, and these being the only suitable flower for Valentine’s Day – but let’s cast these myths to one side for a minute.

Instead, try and match the flowers to your relationship. It might be about the fragrance, or it might be more about a deeper meaning. For example, red roses are great if you want to express true, deep love for someone, but what about if this is a new relationship? It’s here where something more subtle is advised, with pink roses being one possibility.

It’s all about the delivery

Whether it’s you or the delivery man, a lot can be said about the actual delivery of the flowers you have ordered. There are certainly right and wrong ways to do this, and simply dumping them on the table when you get home probably falls into the latter category.
It’s all about the delivery
Instead, make a big deal out of it. Do it over dinner, or if you really want to push the boat out, get them delivered to her workplace. Granted, your relationship has to be at a certain stage for you to pull this one off – but it can work wonders in some cases.

It’s not just about personalizing with flowers

We’ve spoken about making this a more personal experience with your choice of flowers and so on, but you can do so much more than this as well. Some of you might buy a gift to go alongside them but in a lot of cases, a personal note is just as good (if not better).

Don’t do the standard and short “To x, From x”. Use this note to express your true feelings; make it into a love letter if you will.