With the spring season in full swing, it is time to start brightening up your living room decor. This is especially important if you plan to rent out your home as tenants will be more attracted to light and airy properties that reflect the current season. To help you design the perfect living room for spring, you should consider the following tips which will ensure your property is up to date for potential tenants.

Pastel palettes

If you want to lighten up your living room, you should swap out darker colours for pastel shades, like seafoam green, baby blue, and lemon. These colours work well with white furniture and will look great on a feature wall and other decorative features like cushions, wall art, and ornaments. Using shades like this will make your living room stand out, which is ideal if it is the first room you see when you enter the property.

Pastel palettes

For inspiration, you should take a look at the developments available at RW Invest, which feature bright living room designs that liven up your property. Their luxury apartments are a great example of how pastel colours can enhance your property. The key features include minimalistic decor with little pastel details, which help the room come to life, creating the perfect space to relax and entertain guests.

Rustic style

One of the most popular spring designs is the farmhouse theme, which combines wood furnishings with white or grey decor. This will transform your plain living room into a rustic dream. Choosing items like recycled barn wood and wicker furniture will offer a vintage feel and add character to the room. You could also consider having a custom piece of furniture which is bound to attract tenants.

If you’re stuck for ideas on where to start with your farmhouse living room, you should take a look at Pinterest. There are a variety of decor boards that offer helpful suggestions which will help you transform the living area. They include everything from vintage furniture and makeshift decorations to country-themed wall features and paintings. All these details combined will help you bring a traditional style into your modern home, which will interest a wide demographic.

Botanical decor

A great way to improve the look of your living room is by adding botanical details, which will make the space feel more homely. To do this, you should shop around for some beautiful house plants like orchids, cacti, and gardenias. You could also consider adding artificial flowers, which can be placed anywhere in the room and will look especially great in wicker plant pots.

Botanical decor

You should also think about adding small details around the room in the form of cushions or framed prints. The latter can be used as a focal point that would work well on a plain wall. This is an inexpensive way to decorate your walls, as it will give the illusion of a feature wall. To add further floral detail, you should look out for smaller art pieces which can be placed on shelves or coffee tables to create a sense of cohesion.