A bed made of high-quality wood is an item of furniture with a huge list of advantages. However, many of our clients ask themselves the question: ” What kind of wood bed should you buy?” There is simply no universal answer to this question because all types of wood have unique qualities and advantages.

If there is a “wrong” bed in the bedroom, it might cause sleeping problems, headaches, and back pain. If these signs occur, it’s time to think about getting a new bed. According to sleep studies, the most common cause of sleep disorders is improper beds or mattresses.

A wooden bed is deservedly regarded as one of the best pieces of furniture for a restful night’s sleep. It will last for many years and will be a beautiful addition to your bedroom. If you decide to purchase a wooden bed, you must first choose which breed is the best.
Here are some helpful hints on what to look for when buying a new bed.

Size, height, and length of the bed

Today there are beds in a wide variety of sizes. When they indicate the size of the bed, they mean the size of the mattress. Consequently, the size of the bed will be slightly larger.
Since we spend a third of our lives in bed, you shouldn’t skimp on this crucial piece of furniture. And if your goal is to improve your well-being and health, do not be trifles when choosing a bed size. The length of the bed should be at least 20 cm larger than your height and preferably 30 cm.

In no case should the bed be too short, because if the legs of the sleeping person constantly hit the edge of the bed, this will negatively affect the quality of sleep? A person will unconsciously assume a fetal position, and this does not promote healthy sleep. Today it is not at all a problem to choose a bed with a length of 210 or even 220 cm, and for the price, it does not differ much from a standard bed, so it would obviously be better to opt for a longer option.

In terms of width, minimum width of 90 cm is recommended for singles and 160 cm for couples. The larger the bed for a couple, the more restful the sleep will be. You should also pay attention to the height of the bed: in addition to the standard height of about 50 cm, there are lower beds. Usually, in this case, it comes from the so-called futon. People with back pain should choose a bed taller than 50 cm, making it easier to get up from it.

Bed frame: wood, box spring, or metal

Opinions differ regarding the choice of the correct material. For a long time, wooden frames were in use, then beds with soft upholstery became popular. Here, the basis of the structure is also formed by a tree, usually in the form of chipboard. It is covered with upholstery (boxspring). Metal is the third category of classic materials used in bed frames. It can be a simple roll bar or a more expensive forged metal construction – there is a huge choice here.

All options have their own advantages and disadvantages – not only in terms of comfortable sleep, but also in terms of the burden on the environment and, of course, the lifespan. Adherents of a healthy lifestyle prefer wooden beds because they believe that metal beds in general and iron beds, in particular, do not contribute to good sleep. The frequently used terms “magnetism” or “electrosmog” as an argument against this type of bed have no scientific basis. In addition, critics of metal beds are silent because in-spring mattresses also contain metal elements, and this fact will not change even a completely metal frame.

Wood types for bed making

A bed made of high quality wood is a furniture with a huge list of advantages. However, many of our clients ask the question: ” What kind of wood bed should you buy?” There is simply no universal answer to this question, because all types of wood have their own unique qualities and advantages. But if we cannot give you a universal answer, then instead we will provide this article, which describes the best types of wood in the field of making beds.

Modern beds from solid birch

The appearance of a birch tree is an irresistible fibrous texture and white color. The process of processing birch does not cause any difficulties – sawing, polishing, drying, painting and varnishing birch does not require much effort. Thanks to this feature, beds made of solid birch are often made according to unusual design solutions. These qualities have made birch beds the most popular type of furniture in the CIS countries.

Also, birch beds can boast of durability – on average, they last up to 35 years. Among other things, birch beds are cheaper than furniture assembled using other types of wood.

Budget pine beds

The popularity of birch beds can only be compared with beds assembled from budget pine massifs. Almost all furniture stores in the country offer an inexpensive purchase of a pine bed. Pine wood is the perfect balance of good quality and value. Although pine is an imported material, the cost of pine products is almost identical to that of locally made furniture.

The pine is perfectly processed due to its soft and flexible structure. The pine cut is decorated with a beautiful, contrasting ring pattern. Pine color is both pale yellow and amber yellow. The most popular virtue of this type of wood is its aroma. The coniferous and resinous scent of this wood has won many hearts of wildlife lovers. Although pine is a soft material, it boasts of its durability. Baby cots are most often made from this material.

Luxurious and durable oak beds

Everyone knows that oak is the strongest, most durable and wear-resistant wood species. What can we say, even if one of the characters in The Hobbit used an oak tree as a shield. Dark brown oak wood has a very dense texture and impressive weight characteristics. The process of processing oak is very time-consuming because this type of tree is not the best way to transform. However, thanks to modern technology and specialized equipment, manufacturers have learned to create the most real oak works of art.

Oak is only suitable for making adult beds. Most often, such furniture is endowed with a massive frame and backs, unique or traditional designs and expensive, luxurious finishes. Solid oak beds are not just furniture, but a real decoration of the bedroom interior. It should also be noted that oak resists the harmful effects of water, moisture and temperature changes better than any other wood. Also, this type of wood is not afraid of time – even after 40 years the oak bed will not lose its size and shape.

Ash beds

Ash is not much inferior to the oak massif in strength characteristics. In addition, the popularity of the ash tree massif on the territory of Ukraine should be noted. The structure of this wood is viscous, ductile and elastic – it is capable of bending strongly, while avoiding damage. This material is better processed, which is an advantage over oak. The texture of this tree is uniform, endowed with uniform ring patterns on the cut. This tree is yellowish-white and yellowish-brown.

Solid Alder beds

Alder wood is recognized as the best material for creating wooden beds. With a straight-grained texture, it lends itself well to sawing and cutting. Alder is endowed with a uniform texture that does not have contrasting spots and a dull, oblong pattern in the saw cut. If treated correctly, alder begins to resemble mahogany, which makes alder beds considered the most beautiful.

The strength values ​​of this wood species are comparable to those of birch wood. Even without looking at the fact that alder is more susceptible to damage, beds made of this wood can last at least 20 years. The price of this furniture, with all this, is lower than that of an ash or oak bed.

Solid Beech beds

Beech wood is the most hygroscopic and breathable of all wood species. The texture of this material is not too dense, but very hard, due to which the beech has an ideal balance of flexibility and strength.

Often, children’s furniture is made from beech, due to its light pinkish tint and hygroscopicity. The strength of beech is similar to that of oak, which is why loft beds and bunk beds are often made using this type of wood. The durability of beech beds is somewhat inferior to the durability of oak beds, but not much.