As winter approaches, we start to look for warm clothes and prepare ourselves for winter in advance. Just like people, your trees can suffer damage from the cold and frosty season. The trees you have in your landscape design in Sacramento home need care in winter, or they could struggle to live long and even die. Even though they are dormant during winter, they need to be protected from the effects of the harsh season of winter when there is water and sunlight scarcity.

So before winters come, consider caring for your trees so that the winter damage is very negligible. 

Here are the 4 important winter tree care tips that help your tees to look vibrant, healthy for years to come:

Prune trees

During the winter season, trees are dormant which makes it the perfect time to prune trees. Strong cold winds and snow can make trees’ branches more prone to break and fall on the ground. To reduce the impact of winter on trees, pruning as per their structure is beneficial.

Call a professional tree trimming in Sacramento to remove dead and decaying branches before winter comes. Because the weight of snow and strong winter winds can easily cause them to break.

What is pruning?

Pruning is removing dead, decaying, or damaged branches or parts of a tree. Pruning is a method that should be done by tree service professionals. This is because the wrong pruning technique and pruning at the wrong time can harm its appearance, health, and stability. 

Trees need water in winter

Trees can experience dehydration in winters. When the temperature is cold or it is frosty everywhere, trees find it difficult to absorb water from the frozen ground. Therefore, it is important to water your trees in the fall before the ground freezes.

Protect trees from freezing

Contact a tree care professional to help your trees be protected from freezing. The professionals can help you. Freezing can be extremely hazardous for your tress and can eventually lead to tree removal in Sacramento.

Don’t remove ice from trees

Winters often come with snow. During dormancy, trees are fragile. So ice and snow from the winter can harm vulnerable trees. Refrain from shaking your trees when you see ice on them because this can cause damage to your trees. Ice makes trees fragile and brittle which can easily fall and break.

Structural Planting

Structural planting is important to protect younger trees from the trees that are experiencing decay or suffering from any diseases. We recommend hiring a tree service in Sacramento for professionals to come to visit your landscape and perform structural planting. Structural planting is planting trees away from diseased trees.

The professionals will remove diseased branches, and parts of trees so that they don’t infect other branches.  So, make sure you call tree care experts for structural planting.

Do mulch

Mulching will be helpful for your trees in winter. So, before winter comes, mulch around the base of a tree. Mulching is beneficial in maintaining a steady soil temperature. This means the trees will remain protected from extremely cold temperatures.