In an entire lifetime, an average person takes more than 28,000 showers. That’s a lot of showers! While the bathroom is a place of relaxation and comfort for most people, there is a need to take comfort and personal space to the next level by choosing hand held shower set filters instead of just going with the flow. Choosing a handheld shower filter is definitely going to add a little bit of kink and sophistication to your shower experience, helping you live a better and more fulfilled life.

Handheld shower filters are also easy to add to your shower heads with hoses and can be removed at will. They come in the form of long rubber hose which can be attached and detached from your shower at any time you deem fit. While most people do not understand the importance of adding these units to their shower, it is one of the most important additions for people who wish to conserve water and energy without having to deal with excessively huge utility bills at the end of each month. The handheld shower filter also has the advantage of not compromising the water pressure thus giving you the same or even better pressure for a comfortable shower experience.

If the above-mentioned advantages of the handheld showerhead or filter do not do the trick of convincing you to get one for your bathroom, below are some of the five most important reasons why you need a handheld shower filter for your bathroom.

#1 – Keep Your Water Clean And Shower Sparkling

Bathwater is applied directly to the skin and this means that your skin is exposed to all the chemicals contained in the water. In most cases, not all types of water are suitable for your skin and this is where handheld shower filters come into play. For people with sensitive skin, a handheld shower filter can act as a filter for the water which is being introduced to your skin. In the event of hard water, the shower filter can filter the toxic components or harmful chemicals contained in the water thus exposing your skin to a healthy, sparkling and clean water.

Also, using a handheld shower filter can save you from having to scrub hard to get ugly soap stains and mildew out of your shower walls. With hand held shower filters, you stand a better chance to keep your shower walls cleaner as you can use the showerhead to spray the walls, thus preventing the accumulation of soap suds on the wall. With shower filters, rinsing soap scum from the shower walls has just become easier.
Keep Your Water Clean And Shower Sparkling

#2 – Enjoy A Spa-Like Shower Experience Right In Your Home

You do not have to break the bank to enjoy luxury. With handheld shower filters, you can treat yourself to a homemade spa-like experience. Even the most basic handheld shower filters come with improved comfort and added features like flexibility, which allows you access to a better and relaxing shower. You can also use the handheld shower filter as a massager as most of it comes with multiple settings allowing you to create for yourself a spa-like experience to wash off the day’s stress.

A handheld shower filter can also improve your daily bath experience as it allows you to direct water to the specific areas of the body that the traditional shower does not readily offer flexibility to target. With handheld shower filters, you can easily address the problem of hard to get body parts during your bath.

#3 – Make Bath Time Fun For Kids And Pets

Kids almost always have a problem with bathing and this may make the process more frustrating for parents, especially when they come out all wet. With handheld shower filters, you can improve the bathing experience of your kids by introducing them to a fun way to have their baths. Kids are mostly interested in fun things and you can make bathing fun for them.

For pets, you get to save more money on hiring a pet groomer as you can wash your pets at home, controlling the water pressure they are exposed to at each stage of the bathing process.

#4 – Conserve More Water

Conserve More Water
Utility bills from month to month can take a huge part of your monthly budget. A better way to get this under control is by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of water used. Increased efficiency in water use can significantly cut as much as 30 percent off your overall consumed water in a month. Through the use of showerheads, you may be able to put water to better use by using less water to accomplish more.

#5 – Suitable For The Elderly And Disabled

Handheld shower filters are superb interventions for the elderly and disabled as it allows them the flexibility which is not offered by the traditional shower system.