For homeowners, home invasions can be a scary thing to think about. Rest assured, if you take proactive safety measures for your home you and your family will sleep peacefully at night.

1. The first step is to secure your doors (especially if you have glass doors)

The first step is to secure your doors
Efficient thieves will first check your door before entering your home through the windows. Statistics show that over one-third of all the burglars in the US enter the homes through the doors. Statistics also state that one out of five Americans, never or rarely lock their doors when they are home.

  • So to secure your door, follow these steps:
  • Make sure your door is always locked.
  • You can also install a deadbolt for extra security.
  • Smart locks can be a great way to secure your home. The specialty of these locks is they automatically get locked the moment you leave or enter your home.
  • If you have glass doors and windows, you can install rollac security shutters to provide an extra layer of security.
  • Lastly, you can also secure sliding glass doors by installing them in the track, or you can also place a glass break sensor.

2. Keep the lights on

Although the majority of burglaries take place during the daytime, about 40 percent of them also occur during the night. By appearing occupied during the night time, homeowners can significantly lower the risk of an unwanted intrusion. The best way to indicate your house is occupied is by keeping the lights on.

So, here are a few things you can do with lighting:

  • Make sure all the entry points in your house have smart lights. Smart lights can be programmed to be turned on and off at various times during the day. You can also program these lights to switch on and off in the different rooms of your home. This way it will appear as if you are still in the house even when you are not.
  • You can also add smart lights to the exteriors of your house. Your outdoor smart lights can be motion-activated. They will be switched on whenever they sense motion, which will scare the thieves off. You can also set them to stay on at night.
  • Smart lights can also be programmed as per your vacation schedules. So whenever you go for an extended period of time, these lights will deter thieves from entering your premises.

3. Try and secure your garage

Try and secure your garage
A very common point of entry for thieves is garage doors, followed by the interior doors that garage doors enclose. Statistically speaking, your garage doors represent more than 10 percent of all the unauthorized entries.
So to secure your garage, make sure you do the following:

  • Don’t forget to lock the interior doors of your garage.
  • Try to keep your garage door closed as often as possible. This will prevent burglars from eyeing on any valuables you store there. If your doors are shut, thieves won’t be able to analyze any potential entry points to your home from the interior door.
  • Cover any garage door windows so that it’s difficult to see valuables.
  • The best way to secure all the exterior outlets of your home is by upgrading to a smart garage door opener. You can also use hurricane shutters for your home.
  • Make sure you don’t leave the garage door opener in the car. This way, thieves won’t be able to break into your car to access your house through the garage.

Thanks to technology, house burglaries have seen a steady decline in the past few decades. But still, thefts and robberies continue to be one of the most serious crimes in the United States. Depending on your location, burglaries may be more or less common, but it is always wise to keep your loved ones protected from these unforeseen threats. Protect your family by keeping these suggestions in mind so that you don’t have to worry about anything whenever you are home alone or not at home.