These days staying inside can be suffocating, most especially in places with strict lockdown restrictions. Many of us are utilizing our own outdoor space to relax, unwind, and lounge in. If you’re spending a lot of time in it and it makes you realize you need to spruce up the area, then you are in the right direction. No matter how small or big your area is, you can make your patio into an outdoor oasis for your family and your guests. 

Take a look at these simple but unique concepts that can certainly level up your patio. 

Put Up A Plant Wall

Yes, plants are much needed to make the outdoors looking vibrant and refreshing. However, flower pots and shrubs on the floor are outdated! You can put up a plant wall with your favorite plants and flowers for a more unexpected touch to your patio. This vertical garden can serve as a privacy wall and a good photo backdrop for your lunch and dinner parties. Some plants you can put are ferns, bromeliads, pothos, succulents, and dracaena. You can put climbing roses, trumpet vine, wisteria, honeysuckle, and orchids if you want flowers. It will surely be pleasing to your eyes and make an impactful statement. 

Create Some Shade

If you want to enjoy the outdoor space day or night and in all types of weather, you should create some shade or opt for an alfresco patio. The professionals behind One Stop Patio Shop point out that you can consider an alfresco patio is a modern and stylish outdoor extension of your home that has roof extensions, a ceiling, and lighting. A timber-lined ceiling will make it look more natural and beautifully suitable open-air. You will never have to worry about your furniture since the roof will protect it. More importantly, no matter what weather you have, you can still host an outdoor party for everyone. 

Pop Some Colors

While plants already add color to your patio, you can look around and find some things you can change. Putting colors not just in a particular part of the house but even the whole place is tricky. You have to find the right balance between vibrant and messy. Putting some colors will change the look and the vibe of the patio right away. 

You don’t have to paint everything colorfully or buy furniture with bright colors. Instead, buy some colorful throw pillows to put on your lounger or vases as centerpieces. If there are walls to hang artworks or accessories, you may opt to do that. The way you will decorate it will make it look cheery and fun. 

Update The Ground Surface

If you are up for further and extreme changes, then you can update the ground surface of your patio. The grass surface is good, but did you know that there are plenty more options to choose from? Moreover, you can mix and combine different types of materials for your patio surface. Here are some of the choices: 

  • Gravel – very inexpensive, low maintenance and can prevent weeds from growing if you want to combine it with grass or plants. It can look fantastic with minimal effort. 
  • Concrete – if you don’t want gravel but want the same feel and ornate look, concrete will be right for you. Just be aware that concrete surfaces will not fit areas with strong winter since it’s susceptible to freezing. You can use it as a base if you want to use other material. 
  • Tile – choosing tile as ground surface is wise if you want an easy to clean and pleasant to walk on the patio. Also, there are plenty of textures and designs to choose from that will undoubtedly suit whatever look you want to achieve. 
  • Sand – you may think sand is an unusual choice but many people use sand for an aesthetically pleasing patio. There are a lot of concerns such as uneven surfaces, weather restrictions, and practicality. But if you are achieving a tropical theme, put sand in your choices. 
  • Pavement and Clay Bricks – It can be expensive and needs professional help since pavement and clay bricks are harder to install. However, it is very durable and can give that classic garden look to your patio. 

Add Personal Touch

Your patio will become more attractive to you and everyone you know if you add a personal touch to it. If you have a new place or bare space, it is boring and looks completely different. Your own identity and personal touches will define your home more. 

You might think it’s hard to find some creative and affordable ideas, there are actually plenty of things that you can do to ensure that you can create an impressive patio. Here are some of them: 

  1. Small bookshelf – if you are a bookworm, you can put some of your favorites books on your patio. It can be a conversation starter, a thing to pass time, or a tool to encourage someone to read.
  2. Movie Projector – this will be exciting to a fellow enthusiast like you! You can host movie nights for family and friends.
  3. Pool table – do you want to enhance your billiard skills or just plainly have a beer with your friends while playing? A pool table will be a perfect addition to your patio.
  4. Sound system – if you are a party goer and a huge socialite, why not add a sound system to your patio? Make sure you send invites for your house party soon!

No matter what you add, ensure that it will reflect on you and it is something that you will truly enjoy. Remember that it is your space and it is something you will live with and appreciate everyday. 

Patios are not just to put plants or extra space in our house. It can be an inviting place to create memories and relax. We hoped that you could incorporate some of these excellent ideas that can certainly spruce up your patio. You don’t need to spend grand to make it appealing. All you need is a great idea and creative hands.