People who never thought they’d spend an entire Saturday caring for their lawns find themselves enjoying the time spent working outside. It can be a great way to keep your home looking its best, but it isn’t the only way. Tuckpointing is another way to keep your home looking pristine, especially from the curb. It increases property value, overall aesthetics, and helps maintain the integrity of your home for years to come. Before learning about tuckpointing, many people ask themselves, “Why should I care?” After reading this article, you’ll understand why tuckpointing is important and why you should take the time and effort to care about it.

What is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is a method of repairing brickwork by removing and replacing the old, disintegrated mortar between bricks. Using a special trowel, professionals go in with extreme precision to ensure that only the disintegrating areas are fixed, thus saving you money. If there are any bricks that need to be replaced, they will also be taken care of during the tuckpointing process.

What Are The Benefits of Tuckpointing:


Tuckpointing is a great way to ensure that your home will stand up to the test of time. Tuckpointing helps keep the natural strength of brick homes at its highest, especially as the age of your home or building increases. The simple act of tuckpointing alone can add years, even decades, to brick homes, chimneys, and buildings.

Increased Property Value

If you’re not going to be living in your brick home for the rest of your life, it’s good to know that tuckpointing can help maintain its value. Damaged mortar is easily spotted and will drastically reduce the re-sale value of your home, especially when it’s obvious enough for a buyer to notice. Tuckpointing is well worth the investment and should be done whenever you see signs of deterioration.

Stronger Curb Appeal

Many homeowners take pride in how their homes look, so they start doing yard work. Brick buildings boast a unique kind of beauty, but that beauty fades as signs of deterioration become more apparent. As we discussed earlier, you can keep your curb appeal strong by making sure your bricks and mortar are in good shape with tuckpointing.

Protection from Leaks

Tuckpointing your brick home’s exterior will help to prevent irritating and damaging leaks. Keeping your mortar strong through tuckpointing ensures that water can’t get in, which means your basement and family keepsakes won’t get ruined. While this task may seem intimidating at first, you’ll avoid the expensive costs that come from leaks and the loss of irreplaceable items by hiring professionals to do the job.

The Avoidance of Total Rebuilds

If you have the money to spare, you can skip this section. If not, tuckpointing needs to be in your vocabulary. Tuckpointing lets you avoid continual decay, which eventually leads to a building’s collapse. While this isn’t only dangerous for you and your family, it’s more expensive than you could imagine. Total rebuilds are expensive, regardless of if it’s a chimney or an entire structure. When you regularly fix any damage with tuckpointing, you save money by preventing further damage and stress due to constant worry about how long your house will last.