If you’re planning to build or buy a house, you’re probably looking for experts to make your dream home come to life. However, this process can be tiresome since you must conduct in-depth research about the builders you’ll be working with. Fortunately, you can simplify or even eliminate this step when you buy a display home.

What Is A Display Home?

As its name sounds, a display home is a structure that builders showcase to potential home buyers. It’s similar to what a showroom is to interior designers or furniture retailers. A display home can help builders like Homecorp Property Group and others show their capabilities so that you’d want to hire them.

By looking at a display home, you can weigh their expertise and knowledge in the construction industry since you can check their building techniques and home designs. A display home is like a product prototype that helps you decide whether to work with a builder since you get an idea of their capabilities.

Moreover, visiting a display home helps you get a feel and look at the reality of the different home designs, features, and styles that construction companies can do. And since a display home is fully furnished, you can decide if it’ll suit your lifestyle and needs as you can easily imagine yourself living in it.

Should You Buy A Display Home?

It’d be best to understand the different benefits of buying a display home before deciding whether or not to buy one. Besides having an already built home you can live in after purchase, there are other advantages to buying a display home, such as the following:

Have An Impressive, Well-Designed Property

The primary purpose of a display home is to compel potential home buyers to work with the builder. A builder may exert effort and do their best to build a property that demonstrates the quality of their craftsmanship. Hence, builders are likely to make it to the highest possible standard in the construction industry.

They may also show their best designs through the display homes. It means they may include all the trends most homebuyers are looking for, including alfresco areas, innovative home features, and others that can increase the property’s value. Moreover, every element of the home may have premium fittings and fixtures to show the highest specifications that the builder applies.

You can own a quality home when you buy such a display home as a home buyer. You can be sure that you’re already investing in a property with superior aesthetics and high-quality standards.

Save On Landscaping

Improving the landscape on your property is vital because you can increase the aesthetic and value of your home, especially if you plan to sell it soon. You can also stand out from the rest of your neighbors if you have a catchy or excellent curb appeal. With such, you can attract more homebuyers since curb appeal is one of the first things they see when visiting your home.

However, you need to spend money to make this happen, and you may need a significant amount since landscaping expenses aren’t cheap. And you may have to work on the whole property’s landscape, including the following, to ensure that all areas of your landscape will complement each other:

  • Colors Of The Plants: Add a layer of vibrancy to the home’s exterior by switching out the colors or types of plants throughout the yard. That way, you can easily catch the attention of potential home buyers passing by your property.
  • Exterior Paint Of The Home: It would also help if the color of your exterior walls is in sync with your backyard. Moreover, a newly painted exterior will make your home appear fresh and crisp.
  • Fencing: It’s also good to fix or change old, broken fences that have been weathered. That way, you can make your fencing look brand new, making your home appear new.

Since a display home has everything a property owner wants, landscaping wouldn’t be a problem. The property already has a fantastic landscape, so you can save on landscaping expenses because you won’t have to make the mentioned improvements.

Be On An Excellent Location

Another advantage of buying a display home is having a property already built in a good location. That’s because a display home is already built in a place that can raise its value. These locations include organized communities, growth areas, or a setting with excellent access to schools, shopping centers, public transportation facilities, and other amenities. And properties in such locations are great for growing families or if your lifestyle requires such amenities.   

Enjoy Leaseback Agreement Returns

You can also enjoy a lease with the construction company, which is a substantial benefit when you buy a display home. They can use the property as a display home for a specific period via a leaseback agreement. You can set the deal for at least a year or up to five years. In this agreement, the builder will pay rental fees that are usually much more expensive than standard rentals. 

The best thing about this agreement is that you won’t have difficulties looking for tenants since a builder is a willing tenant. They’ll immediately rent the property right after you buy it. Thus, you won’t experience weeks or months of zero income from the property if you plan to lease it out.

But unlike regular rentals, you don’t have to spend on management fees or maintenance expenses when you lease a display home. That’s because the builder will regularly care for the property to keep it in excellent condition if they want to impress their potential clients.

Comes With Premium Fixtures

As mentioned, you’ll own a property with premium fixtures because a display home is where builders showcase their expertise and skills. That means they won’t be skimping on materials, designs, and fixtures since they want to impress and entice clients. So, when you buy a display home, you’ll also own the furnishings that may be of high quality. As such, you no longer have to accept them if you choose to build your own home separately.


Now that you’re familiar with a display home, you may want to consider buying one. You can enjoy an already-built home without worrying about quality, furnishings, landscaping, or tenants. All you need is to find one that’ll suit your preference to enjoy the mentioned benefits.