Is your water well suddenly not performing as good as it used to? Sometimes, your pump may appear to be functional. But in reality, a lot of the problems that can overtake and cripple entire pump systems are hidden from our sight. Remember that beyond our taps and water sources, you also need to consider the vast and intricate network of pipes that help deliver that water from the source to your home.

It is clear that if you have not been scheduling regular maintenance for your pump system, you need to do so now. But how can you find the best Middleton pump repair service for your business?

Enter Sauk Plains Plumbing and Pumps

Sauk Plains is a family-owned business that specializes in plumbing and pumps. We have been working in the industry since 1934. With almost 90 years of experience, we are proud to have a vast repository of knowledge, skills, network, and equipment needed to repair your pump system and bring it back to top work condition. Our longstanding presence as the leading plumbers and pump repair services in the area is a testament to how we provide top tier experiences to our customers.

Get to Know Our Work Process

Part of the stress associated with hiring technicians to take a look at pump systems is that, for many people, it is a niche that they are not familiar with. We eliminate that fear of the unknown by including you in the entire process. You can be as hands-on as you want with the repair and replacement of your pumps. Our professional technicians will do their best to translate any industry jargon for you.

The Initial Consultation

It is time to get to work! After you reach out to us, we’ll initiate our job through a meeting with you. During this, we will discuss the state of your pump, any issues you are facing with it, location and age, and other relevant factors.

This stage will help us set our expectations for the project and prepare our technicians for the work that needs to be done. To prepare for our first meeting, make sure to closely observe your pump and make a list of all the issues you are experiencing. This could include low pressure, no water, air bubbles, and more.

Disassembling the Pumps

Once the meeting is over, we will take the trip to your location and assess the state of your pump. To do this, our skilled mechanical assembly technicians will disassemble the pump and take documentation of each step. We will also take note of pump settings and the local environment.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

The disassembled parts of your pump will now be cleaned. At Sauk Plains, we use a mixture of mineral spirits washing and sandblasting. Once this is finished, all of the shafting and the critical running clearance surfaces will be polished using fine grit sandpaper.

Conducting Visual Inspections

Our professional inspection technicians will now perform a thorough visual inspection of the pump components. This is to help us verify the condition of your pump and finalize the plans for any replacements and repairs.

Throughout this process, we will regularly communicate with you regarding our findings. If there is any need to adjust the budget or the initial plan, our technicians will approach you to discuss these points and obtain your approval.

Replacement and Repair

Our repair quotation will need to be approved before replacement and repairs can officially begin. This quotation will list down the damage and wear to the pump as it was found, actions we propose to restore your pump to a brand new condition, and the price you need to pay to have this carried out.

Once that is finalized, our technicians will start procuring the parts needed and creating work instructions for any of the parts in your pump system that need to be repaired.

Operations Proper

The documents have been signed, the replacement items are on hand, and the technicians are on site. Everything is ready for delivery. We will communicate with you regularly on the status of the project, confirming that the entire process is going as scheduled until it is completed.

Final Inspection

We are finally at the last step of our high quality pump repair service. This is where we take the entire system out for a test run. We make sure that all the parts have been set in its proper place. In addition, we check the water for cleanliness and easy access.

If people get their cars, teeth, and gadgets checked regularly, your pump system should be no different. It supplies clean water to your home for washing, bathing, and even drinking. Now that you know how we operate, you can address any other concerns you have or set a schedule with us at our website.