Have you ever wondered where the interior designers in Lahore source their material? What markets are there to shop for your interior design experiments and needs, and what makes them unique? As a leading interior design services provider in Lahore, I have spent the last ten years funding unique places for my interior design projects. They are heaven for any architect and interior designer.

I am Architect Haris Azmat, and I own and operate the H-A Design Studio, a well-known architect and interior design firm in Lahore. I will tell you precisely what makes Lahore interior design Markets so unique.

Top Interior Design Markets in Lahore

My experience has taught me that there is everything for everyone in Lahore, and these three markets in Lahore demonstrate this well. Here is a list of three markets that you should check for your interior design materials.

Ichra Market, Ferozpur Road

Ichra is one of the oldest and most visited markets in Lahore. It is said that in Ichra, everything is available from needle to aeroplane (not literal, of course). All designers in Lahore frequent the Ichra market, which has the most variety of all things related to interior design and architecture.

There are numerous curtain shops, carpet brands, sanitary and bathroom-related stuff and all things about lights. The largest of the centres is “Abu-Yousaf”, which has a massive inventory of all items. If you are going to [purchase anything, do visit them for their prices and variety. Here are the best things you would find in Ichra Market.

  • Carpets and Curtains
  • Furniture
  • Marble and Paint

Main Boulevard, DHA Phase 1

If you are into fancy stuff and want chandeliers and imported interior fixtures, DHA Phase 1 Main Boulevard is the best place to visit. They have the variety and quality that many residents of posh areas like.

Their price might be expensive, but the quality offset that easily. This is one of the reasons architects and interior designers in Lahore prefer DHA Phase 1 for their needs. In addition, they have some of the best market brands for lighting that is of real value. Additionally, there are several shops for tiles and marble. Here is a list of all the main things you will find on Main Boulevard, DHA Phase 1.

  • Marble and Tiles
  • Chandeliers
  • Bathroom Fixtures

College Road, Township

College Road, Township, is the favourite of many interior designers. The main reason for this is the immense number of shops for each type of material, from curtains to carpets, to paint, kitchen fixtures, electronics and appliances. You will find anything and everything in abundance there. The complex labyrinth of the bazaar will make any shopper go crazy with the stuff they can buy there.

The best thing about this market is its approach; you can reach it here by any means, and you can also bargain as much as you want if you are on a budget. The most famous things related to interior design on College Road are:

  • Kitchen Fixtures
  • Electronics and Lighting
  • Paint and Curtain


Being the largest city in Pakistan, Lahore has a market for almost everything, and this makes it the pearl. You will find everything and anything that you desire here, and that too at a very generous price that you can afford. If you are building your house in Lahore or planning an interior design change, visit these three markets for the price range.

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