Flowers are a way of expressing your gratitude, sympathy and thankfulness to another person. Giving flowers on any occasion is an age-old tradition and continues to be so. While there are hundreds of warm gestures options to choose from, flowers will always be the evergreen and go-to option. There are many reasons why people prefer flowers for expressing emotions. One of the main reasons for this is that flowers are easily available, are very economical and they act as the last-minute savior. So, here are the five different flowers for every situation 

Daffodils for wedding bells:

Daffodils are little bundles of joy that bring happiness and a smile to people’s faces. Daffodils are considered very lucky, and historically they have been associated with new beginnings and rebirth of the soul. This is why daffodils are widely used as gifts in child showers, engagements, and weddings. Daffodils also come in many shades, and it is important to choose a proper color. With snapblooms, you can easily order flowers online at an affordable price. 

Sunflower for birthdays:

If you are looking for a bright yellow flower that has a positive aura and radiates happiness, then your search ends here. Sunflowers are probably the warmest flower one could get. When you go to events like birthdays or anniversaries, the energy of that place is very high, and sunflowers can perfectly match that energy. The meaning of sunflowers varies in different cultures. One famous symbolism of sunflowers is longevity, which makes them a good gift for birthdays. 

Orchids for funerals:

The beauty of orchids is incomparable when it comes to giving sympathy flowers, as it lies in its own league. They can astonish any person, and if you want to give the most visually lucrative flowers at a funeral to express sorrow, we advise you to go for orchids. Orchids are exotic flowers that symbolize peace, forgiveness, and strength. This makes an orchid an ideal present to give your loved ones on a great loss. It also symbolizes hope and thoughtfulness. Snapblooms have funeral flower arrangements to help you cope up easily on hard days when you are facing the loss of a close one’s demise.

Carnations for proposals:

Carnations are another beautiful flower you can look out for. They are very adorable and yet very simple. One good reason for taking carnations as gifts is that it is unique, and not many people think of buying carnations as their first option. Carnations have various meanings like love, fascination, Surprises, and proposals. This makes carnations fit for multiple occasions like new beginnings, surprises, etc. yYu can look at our collection of carnations of various shades that come with a not-so-big price tag. 

Roses for multiple occasions:

Throughout the course of history, no other flower has matched the popularity of the rose. This may be because of its beautiful colors that make a person spellbound, or because it has made its way from many historic literature works. One huge myth about roses is that roses are used only for romantic purposes. The truth is that only the red rose symbolizes romanticism, and other different shades of rose portray different meanings. So, we recommend you to use different roses for different purposes like redone for an anniversary, yellow for birthdays, and white for funerals. We have different variants of roses to offer in packed bouquets. 

There are hundreds of other flowers one can go for, and every flower is beautiful in its own way. You just need to know the suitable flower for that particular occasion and the symbolism of the flower you are giving.