Among all life forms, water ceases to be a fundamental source. For all living beings safe water is a pre requisite as it is the basis of our health. Nearly 75 % of the surface of the water is incorporated with water but most of it is in oceans and glaciers. For this reason only 25 % of water is available for human consumption. Don’t you feel abundant now? Compounding the problems as human beings we are contaminating the various sources of water at the same time.

To remain hydrated is important, but to consume water in a purest form is also important. Having their basics interrupted people are on the lookout for pure water forms. To drink pure water is the first step on your route to a healthy life. Aquaguard customer toll free number provides you with various options on pure drinking water. You cannot keep on harnessing the benefits of hydration. Better cardiovascular condition, proper functioning of your muscles and joints along with faster metabolism are some of the benefits expected on being hydrated.


Though drinking of water has numerous benefits, it is not going to do any good if the water is loaded with chemicals and micro -organisms. If water is contaminated by any of these agents it is not going to pose any benefits and cause threat to your health. For this reason there needs to be a system in place which deals with the issue of contamination water. A water purifier goes on to achieve that? Not only do they go on to remove pathogens and chemical compounds but adds a list of essential minerals that the body needs. With the help of a purification process the foul taste and odour would not be present in any way.

A major criticism that has emerged from various quarters is RO purification system. This stands for reverse osmosis. In this system of water purification all the contaminants are removed along with naturally occurring minerals. This was one of the major complaints which arose at the aquaguard complaint number cell. In the earlier model of water purifiers this was a major drawback.

In modern times high end water purifiers are manufactured with an essential unit where all the natural occurring minerals remain back in correct proportions. This means that a sample of water not only removes the harmful impurities but retains the natural occurring minerals. In case if you cannot go on to purchase a water purifier you can always opt for alternatives. Let us now flip through the benefits you can expect from pure drinking water.

A nourished and natural glowing skin

Healthy skin leads to a well hydrated skin. Proper levels of hydration can improve your skin quality in a drastic manner. If you possess enough content of water in the epidermis a supple and plump appearance may emerge. The skin could also cease to be dull if dead epidermal cells accumulate.

Apart from this a dehydrated skin would lead to the production of more sebum. In short this works out to be an immune response to defend dead skin. This can be enhanced by increasing the hydration levels of the skin. If you drink close to 8 glasses of water in a day it can help to flush out the toxins. Any anti-ageing treatments that you are undergoing it make sense to replace them with water.

Improvement in condition of scalp and health of hair

In case if you are facing up to any hair issues, it is suggested that you inspect the quality of water. If chlorine content of the water is high it can have major issues with your scalp. To ensure proper health of your hair you need to hydrate your hair with chlorine free water. Nearly 1.4th weight of your hair is water weight. If you drink ample amount of water it will strengthen your hair. Dehydration on the other hand can lead to split ends and make your hair brittle.

If you are properly hydrated it ensures health benefits to your hair. The blood circulation to your hair increases and paves way for efficient repair. Drinking sufficient amount of water can eradicate the problems of hair thinning and even hair loss.

Contributes to weight loss


For individual struggling with weight loss drinking sufficient water could be of immense help. Because water is calorie free there is no restriction on the amount of water you can consume. This can pep up your metabolism levels, reduce your appetite and helps the body to get rid of toxic wastes. The drinking of water is sufficient quantities would help you cope up with issues of weight loss. Now the question is how to drink water.

  • Before a meal as this would go on to supress your appetitive
  • Try to replace cold drinks with water

Ensures proper functioning of your joints and muscles

Physical fitness if it is of concern to you then you ought to be a disciplined individual. Be it workout to a proper diet you need to be well organized. But one of the things that we tend to overlook is drinking of sufficient amount of water.

Since 75 % of human body is incorporated with water, so it is necessary that our body has sufficient amount of water so as to let the muscle function in a normal manner. This would reduce the scope of cramps and muscle injuries. As an individual you need to keep a track of your water intake.

Curbs digestive issues

The solution to a proper digestive system is intake of pure water. To be hydrated is one of the best options to ensure proper functioning of all the body activities.

Above all are listed some of the major benefits of drinking pure hydrated water. The sad aspect is that water in modern times is a source of contamination and even pollution. So drinking of pure water is a must and availing the services of a water purifier is a welcome move in this direction.