The sofa is an integral part of any home around which all the movements and conversations take place. The 2 seater sofa is an investment in both financial and emotional sense and you cannot rush to buy the next sofa you see. Depending on your use, the style of your home and the people living there, it is essential to make a conscious decision while buying the sofa.

The minute you decide that you are going to buy a new sofa, the most monumental question comes into the picture: fabric sofa or leather sofa? This conundrum around the choice between fabric and leather sofas can last forever. To find common ground in this confusion, we have come up with specific situations and conditions when it is best to choose fabric sofas over the leather sofas.

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6 Reasons Why Fabric Sofa is Better for You Than Leather Sofa

Fabric Sofas

  • If Comfort Is Your Top Priority

If you are looking for a functional sofa that you want to crash on at the end of the day, then comfort is what you seek. Comfort level of a sofa depends on a lot of factors like the design, structure and material. Fabric sofas are more comfortable in comparison to the leather sofas as the material is softer and smoother. During summer seasons, fabric sofas will be a safe haven because of the breathable fabric, unlike the leather sofas, which makes you even more humid and sweaty.

  • If You Have a Limited Budget

When we say sofas are an investment, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a pricey investment. Fabric sofas are cheaper when compared to leather sofas as you can get a high-quality fabric sofa with more fabulous designs at cheap rates than what you can expect in a leather sofa of the same price range.

If you are one to change your place of stay frequently and doesn’t want to keep lugging your big sofa around, then fabric sofas are the ultimate choice. Moreover, there are a lot more varieties of fabric sofas to choose from the market and you can definitely find one according to your liking that fits in your budget.

  • If You Have Pets

Fabric Sofas2
When you have pets in your home, there is no stopping to the mischief they are up to. Generally, pets like cats and dogs tend to scratch and fight on these soft, bouncy surfaces. These scratches on leather sofas leave a permanent mark while you can see no visible signs of scratching on the fabric sofas. Also, it is pretty easy to change the covers of the fabric sofas and therefore, even if your pets are playing tantrum and making it wet, it can be easily replaced at less cost. Check out some of the best IKEA Ektorp sofa cover which will definitely add extra beauty in your sofa.

  • If Less Maintenance Is What You’re Looking For

Most of the new fabric sofas come with sturdy material that is tear-resistant and are barely susceptible to damages. You can use it however you want without any limits and worries about the huge bucks you have to spend on its maintenance. Professionals charge very less for maintaining the fabric sofas and the work gets done in a short time.

Also, the cost of changing the upholstery for fabric sofas are far less. Even if you are changing the colour of the room or want a change of look to your sofa after using it for long years, just invest in a good quality upholstery and change it easily.

  • If You Want Unlimited Options to Choose From

If you want to be spoilt for choices, then fabric sofa it is! Firstly, there are many different kinds of fabrics to choose from based on your application. If you want to create a high-end look without splurging a lot, you can velvet sofas with plain colours or with micro designs. When regular maintenance is not your thing, then microfibers are the best option as they are easy to dust. If you are budget-conscious, you can go for cotton or synthetic materials.

Apart from that, there are also many options for designs when compared to the few solid colours of leather sofas. Various abstract designs, floral themes and wide colour palettes are available for fabric sofas and you can easily find one that blends in with the colour of the room and with the other furniture.

  • If You Want Your Sofa to Look the Same as the First Day

Leather sofas tend to lose its brightness and sheen over the period of time depending on how often it is used. The colour too fades away with time and soon enough, you will have a sofa that looks much older than it actually is. The leather sofas get a tad bit smelly as time goes by and it requires extensive maintenance to remove the smell from it.

Fabric Sofas1

On the other hand, fabric sofas look the same even after many years with just a bit of maintenance. It doesn’t lose its colour and its designs remain fresh as it was bought yesterday. All you need to do is dust it a bit and clean the sofa with some regular cleaning fluid and voila! Your sofa will look and smell as good as a new one.

Apart from these reasons, if you are looking to buy a sleeper sofa at home which can double as your bed as you sleep in watching the television, the fabric sofas are the best choice. Fabric sofas are easily adaptable than the leather ones and hence, it can make a great sleeper sofa and bed, when needed.