Sometimes, gifting can become a horrible experience. During the run up to Christmas, shopping centres and high streets are full of anxious shoppers, and there is hardly a place for people to even stand. If you don’t find your ideal gift in such crowded places, you feel tired and disappointed. You can, however, opt for personalised mug that are easy to get and often are inexpensive.

What is a personalised gift? This is a present that bears your imprint and makes the receiver feel special. Here is an ideal definition of a personalised gift. There are various reasons why you should customise your gift to someone you love. For one, it is more about the thought and intentions than the action per se.

When you put thought into personalising your present, the recipient will immediately notice it and treasure your gift. This ‘good intention’ will bring the two of you closer together. If the other person is your client, your business relationship might become stronger in the years to come. This article explains how gifting can improve your business significantly.

It is about your personality

Gifting also reflects your personality. When you purchase a mug or a photo frame from a shop shelf, you are merely going through the motions of gifting. You are pursuing this action because others too are engaged in this action. For the receiver, you are a ‘me too’. By making a customised present and gifting it, you are saying, ‘you are special.’ Take some time off from your busy schedule to identify gifts and personalise them. 

In the world of business and marketing, branding yourself is very important if you want to stand out and be counted. However, you don’t need to buy expensive things to brand yourself; there are many inexpensive customised objects that you can gift to your colleagues and superiors.

Another reason why you should present customised objects to your loved ones is that nobody else would have bought them.

There’s not much more embarrassing than finding out that someone else has bought the same gift for your boss, friend, etc. Avoid that tricky situation by buying a customised gift. Personalised gifts can work for all genders and ages. You can present a name embossed mug to your grandfather or son and nobody would raise an eyebrow.

Personalised gift ideas

Your customised gift can vary from person to person and from one occasion to another. Check out some personalised Valentine’s Day gifts by going to your nearest shopping centre or mall. If you are too tired after your day’s work, you can get some gift inspiration on Amazon. You can consider buying a name embossed CD collection of Elton John’s love songs.

If you have a teenage son or daughter, surprise them on their birthday by gifting them a special baseball bat (assuming they are in sports). Perhaps, you might also consider gifting them a premium collection of Spotify songs featuring their favourite artists.

Personalised gifting takes an altogether different hue when it comes to your business contacts. For your boss, you might consider buying a set of marketing and business related books. These books will be appreciated. If you are planning corporate gifting, then it is prudent to buy small, inexpensive pens and other pieces of stationery. 

To sum up, customised gifting is not a time consuming affair. Do spend some time thinking of what your gift idea should be.