Years ago, decorating your home meant combining fabrics, furnishings and colors that were all in complete harmony. Now, no matter what you have in your home, you can create a look that is totally your own and absolutely stunning.

Throw all those old-fashioned ideas that everything must match right out the window! Eclectic decorating allows you to design a room that is bursting with personality and interest. The basement is the most ignored, neglected and least cared for part of the house. The innovative basement design ideas can give your existing basement a new lease of life incorporating it into the main house.

There are some points that need to be addressed first before starting out on redoing the basement. First is the kind of utility planned for this space. The basement can be used for a variety of purposes. Checkout 21 amazing eclectic basement design ideas. Enjoy!

Amazing Eclectic Basement Design Ideas

Basement Bar eclectic-basement

Basement Bar ideas

Basement Remodel eclectic-basement

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Brian Patrick Flynn Basement Design

DIY Network House Crashers basem


Eclectic Basement Apartment

Eclectic Basement eclectic-basement

eclectic basement retreat remodel

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Nesting Coffee Table - Eclectic - basment

Voorhees Basement eclectic-basement


Eclectic Basement Update