Choosing the right water filter for your home is not the easiest task. Especially, if you have no idea what you’re looking for, or at. In reality, it’s very important to know what’s in your water before filtering it. However, there are catch-all water filters that remove everything from your tap water no matter if its municipal or well water.

In this article, you’ll learn some proven ways to boost the quality of your drinking water at home using new water filtration technology. By the end of the article, you’ll have picked up all the basic information you need to upgrade your existing water filter or choose a brand-new filter for your home or apartment.

#1) Countertop Water Filters

One of the best water filters for renters is a countertop system because it’s amazingly easy to install and requires no modifications. Plus, countertop systems are affordable and do a well enough job of filtering your water without breaking the bank.

The only thing you need is a bit of counter space to place the filter beside your sink. For installation, this type of filter comes with a faucet diverter valve that allows you divert the water from your faucet to the filter. All in all, a countertop filter does a better job of removing contaminants than most of the common water filter pitchers on the market.

#2) Reverse Osmosis Filters for Home

The best way to filter your water is with the help of a reverse osmosis water filter. The key ingredient in any reverse osmosis system is the reverse osmosis membrane. In layman’s terms, the membrane is a filter with microscopic pores. The reason the membrane works so well to remove water contaminants is that the pores are so small that contaminants can’t pass through.

As a result, only purified water makes it through the pores before reaching your glass. Nowadays, there are several types of reverse osmosis systems for home use, and the most user-friendly is a tankless reverse osmosis system while the most common type is a multi-stage under-sink system. If you are considering installing a RO water system, Aquatell’s reverse osmosis water system is the best and most suitable for your home.

#3) Gravity-Fed Water Filters

Another type of water filter that’s great for both renters and homeowners is a gravity-fed system. Similar to a countertop system, a gravity-fed system requires no modifications. The only thing you need is a place to put it to conveniently fill your glass.

Plus, a gravity-fed system is portable since it’s not connected to your sink or plumbing. One of the better systems available is the Berkey because it does an amazing job of removing contaminants. If you often go camping or own an RV, this type of system is perfect for using inside and outside.

The only drawback is that replacement filters for some of the more popular systems such as the Berkey filter are somewhat expensive.

#4) Water Softeners

If you have hard water, then you’re used to scale buildup on your kitchen appliances. Additionally, hard water is harder on your water filters, which reduces their life. Accordingly, you end up paying more for water filters, not to mention how annoying it is to remove scale buildup around fixtures and inside appliances.

A good solution to this problem is a water softener. Currently, there are salt-free water softeners that are easier to use and maintain than traditional softeners that use salt. To confirm whether your water is hard, check it using a TDS meter. If the reading is above 300, then your water is on the hard side and should be softened at the point of entry to make your life easier.

#5) Water Filter Pitchers

Remember when Brita and PUR were the only water filter pitchers? Furthermore, do you remember how annoying it was when black specs showed up in your water? Well, those black specs are activated carbon, which is great for filtering water but not so great for consumption.

The good news is that a lot of companies have stepped up to fill the gap left by Brita and PUR. There are some excellent water filter pitchers with powerful filtration technology. For renters and homeowners who want to make zero modifications, a good water filter pitcher is an excellent way to keep purified water stored in your fridge for all-day consumption.

Bottom Line

Everyone deserves to drink purified water and a lot of it. By picking up even one of the filters mentioned in this guide, you’re instantly boosting the quality of your drinking water at home. The bottom line is to never settle for a subpar water filter because your drinking water should be delicious.

When your drinking water is delicious, you’ll drink more of it, and what’s not to like about that?