Allergies are a real pain to deal with. From the really serious, life-threatening ones, right down to those that are mere annoyances it is important to make your home as friendly as possible to your family’s particular allergies. Here are some things you can simply and easily do to improve the situation.

Keep A Food List & Check

It’s best to keep a list of all the foods to avoid in your house depending on what the family’s foods to avoid are. It’s best to know what you can eat as so many foods have ingredients you wouldn’t expect to be in them, things such as dairy products, nuts, etc. In fact it’s best to know that 90% of all allergies are from these 8 foods: Eggs, Milk, Peanuts, Tree nuts, Fish, Shellfish, Wheat and Soy, so if you are entertaining guests or having a party then it’s probably best to avoid these unless you know your guests really well.

Ensure Any Medication Is Up To Date & Accessible

One thing that many people forget to regularly check is whether or not their medications are up to date and accessible. If it is an infrequently used item, which it may be if you are good at keeping the home safe for allergens, then it can be easily forgotten where it is. Also to be aware of is that medications have use-by dates and may need to be replaced even if not used as out of date medication may not be safe to use.

Check All Materials In Furniture etc

It’s important to remember that not all allergies are food-based. Some people have allergies that are triggered by many things such as pet hair, chemicals and even some textiles. It is a good idea to invest in a pet insurance and be extra careful when it comes to your allergies. There are many new companies with affordable deals, like Bivvy pet insurance. Be sure that anything at all is not in the home from pets to cleaners and detergents used and even things like mattresses, and you can get a lot of ones made from better materials such as the, $200 off Birch Organic Mattress.

Be Sure All Visitors Are Aware

Be Sure All Visitors Are Aware
Take the time to make sure all visitors to your home are made aware of the allergies that you or your loved ones suffer from. Especially if a child’s friend is staying over it’s all too easy to accidentally bring the wrong types of snack. It may be a good idea to make sure that the other parent is informed that you’ll do all the food prep and provision and there are even allergy specific stores such as Allergy Land which are great.

Create A Dust-Free Environment

Another type of allergy is that of dust. There is so much in the air that it’s easy for kids to have allergies stimulated or asthma exacerbated etc. It’s amazing how much of a difference having a good, thorough and regular cleaning routine can make to the quality of life in the family home. It only takes a few hours a week and can make all the difference.