Our front and back doors are designed to keep us safe, which is why lock issues are never ideal. There are many different types of locking mechanisms out there, and they all have slightly different problems. If you’ve got a stiff lock or the key keeps jamming, continue reading to find out more as well as discover potential solutions. A lock rekey is when a locksmith changes the pins in the lock itself so that the previous keys won’t operate it.

Key Broken in Lock

Keys are typically made of sturdy metal, but they can bend over time and break in the door, especially if the lock was stiff in the first place. If you get your key stuck in the door and there’s a piece hanging over the edge, you can try using a pair of grips and pulling it out. Alternatively, you’re most likely going to need a lock replacement, which can be carried out by an emergency locksmith based in Cardiff. 


Every key is designed to fit one lock, and they work by moving a series of pins into the correct position. However, the internal parts can slip out of place, which renders the lock useless. To avoid such issues, we suggest having a regular check-up with Curley Locks – a 24-hour Cardiff locksmith.

Door Not Closing Properly

Sometimes, it’s not the lock that’s causing the problem, it’s the door itself. When you turn a lock, the bolt slides into a hole and keeps your home secure. However, if your door won’t shut properly, even by a couple of millimetres, the bolt won’t be able to find the hole. If this is the case, you may be able to fix the problem yourself by fixing seals and adjusting hinges. However, if problems persist, you should call in your go-to Cardiff locksmith.  

Frozen Locks

During the winter, moisture can enter the lock and freeze, leaving your lock unturnable. Fortunately, you can fix this yourself by using a lock de-icer. However, this is a delicate process and you may end up breaking the lock. Therefore, we recommend calling in Curley Locks Locksmiths to carry out the job safely. 

Stiff Key Insertion

Unfortunately, many keys look the same, so it’s easy to insert the wrong key by accident. If you’re having trouble inserting your key, double-check it’s the correct one. If you are using the correct key, you may need to clean the locks using compressed air.   

Sticky Locks

Over time, locks come under considerable stress, which is why they can start to play up. For example, if your keys need jiggling before the pins click into place, it’s a clear indication that you need a new lock. Alternatively, the issue may be your key, especially if it’s a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and beyond generation of the original key. 

There are many reasons why our keys don’t work at times, including those outlined above. In some cases, you can fix the problem yourself. However, we suggest having a professional locksmith in Cardiff give your door the once over. After all, it’s all that stands between you and unwanted visitors in your home.