A knife is a tool, household use, or used as a weapon also. It has a blade or cutting edge which is attached to the handle. It can be said that it is the earliest thing used by humans it might appear 2.5 million years ago. In the start, it was made of stone, wood, and bone.  After the passage of time, improvements come in its manufacturing and then its blade has come from steel, iron, bronze, and ceramic. After more improvement blades come in fix and folding styles.

Custom bowie knife

A custom bowie knife has a fixed and strong blade that is ten to fifteen inches long. Usually, it uses as a hunting knife or use as a weapon. This knife is first time become popular by Colonel James Bowie in 19 century. He is a fighter in the western state who use this kind of knife and this becomes a popular by his name.

Types of the custom bowie knife 

Now we are going to discuss the different types of custom bowie knives.

Buck 119

It is better than other knives because of its still stand and toughness. It has a steel blade and the material of the handle is phenolic or wood.

Buck 119 special pro

The style and construction of 119 special pros are just like the buck 119. The blade and handle material is changed. Its handle is made of canvas micarta and the blade is made of S35VN.

Buck 916 bowie

Its blade of steel and handle material is wood. It is designed for survival and hunting. it is appealing to those people who like buck knives.

Ka-bar bowie single mark

The blade of this knife is made of steel and the handle of leather. Ka-Bar made many knives with changes in the handle, blade, shape, length, and style. 

Ka-bar Becker BK7

It is used for hunting purposes. Its steel blade 1095 Cro-Van and Zytel is handled material.

Spyderco Respect Bowie

This is the biggest knife that looks like a kitchen knife but it is used for hunting. It has a scary edge. Its handle material is G-10.

BlackJack model 7 Bowie

It is the best survival beat. Its steel blade A2 and material of the handle is micarta.

Ontario Knife Co SP2

This is a nice survival knife. Its steel blade is 1095 and its handle of Kraton.

Case Bowie knife 

It is a decorative piece but its decoration is functional. Its handle material is a polymer.

Uses of Custom Bowie knife


It is firstly used for hunting. The shape of its blade gives hunters the power of cutting. They easily cut, skin and clean the meat.


It is a large knife. It has been practically used in the jungle to protect you from harmful bodies.


It is also a kitchen knife because its blade is sharp and you can easily cut, and chop trim with it. 


Its length and sharp blade will save hunters from dangerous animals and they can easily cut bushes and trees which creates difficulty in the journey.

Why you should buy Tracker knife

The tracker knife’s blade has a unique style of curve. Its blade is straight and separate with a thick handle that is long and looks like a tracker. The tracker knife is made to play different tasks in different ways. 

The tracker knife is first time used in the movie “The Hunted” which is designed by “Tom Brown”.  The hunted is a horror film produced by Stewart. This movie is based on a real experience of Stewart himself. This precious tracker knife is on sale for your adventures. There those tracker knives for sale are mentioned.

Types of tracker knife

Many types can be counted of tracker knives but in them, some trendy tracker knives are mentioned there. These are all tracker knives for sale.

D-2 Steel tracking knife

D-2 Steel Tracking knife is a fantastic addition to knives on the market. It is a need for the daily routine in the kitchen. It may use for chopping cutting and other purposes. It will be a great addition to your collection so you can buy tracker knife today for your comfort.

Tracker T-4 TBT040

This tracker knife can be called a mini version of the original Tom Brown tracker. You may find it in people’s hands, necks, belts, and bags. It may call a companion of anyone. You can also order it for use. This tracker knife is for sale and a great choice for the great one.

Tracker tops 010-CAMO

It is an especially versatile survival knife. It is used for proper beating. Its first part is deeper than others and recurves, the middle makes great light work. Tracker knife is a golden combination for your collection so order it.

Uses of tracker knife

The tracker knife is used for several purposes just like:

  • Chopping
  • Fleshing
  • Carving
  • Peeling
  • Outdoor Survival 
  • Hunting 

Cleaning and safety of the knives

The Tracker knives are expensive and made from ceramic, titanium, and carbon steel. As their performance is best along with their sharpness. With these qualities, they need more safety of maintenance. Both knives custom bowie and tracker knife are tools treated as the other tool. For its good performance you have to follow these steps:

  • Keep your knives in their cover at the time of use and remove them.
  • After use, the knife wash with warm water and a mild dish wash bar.
  • Try to keep it separate at washing time and after drying it keep with cover in the drawer. 

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