Home maintenance is an active role every homeowner should take on when they buy a home. It optimizes property value and helps avoid costly repairs. Don’t wait until a problem occurs to fix it. Follow the recommended maintenance practices to keep your home in top shape and avoid unnecessary problems.

To achieve this, take time to learn about the most common issues that can arise from ignoring home maintenance tasks, and deal with them appropriately. Here are the top maintenance practices that can lead to costly problems when neglected.

Furnace Tune-Up

The furnace is one of the essential appliances in your home, so regular checkups are worthwhile. Though they may seem unimportant, routine maintenance on the heating system will cost significantly less than major repairs in the long run. 

Furnace problems most frequently occur due to dirt, dust buildup, and worn-out parts. Annual furnace inspections will ensure that your heating system runs smoothly, safely, and efficiently. According to https://jakservices.com/furnace-tune-up/, an expert inspection should include: 

  • Thoroughly cleaning the appliance
  • Replacing filters
  • Inspecting gas lines for leaks, corrosion and blockages
  • Replacing the motor belt as needed
  • Checking ignition systems for safety
  • Ensuring that the furnace is sized correctly for your home’s heating capacity

A properly maintained furnace runs on less energy, is more efficient, and breaks down less often. You’ll also extend its life which means you will not need to shop anytime soon for a replacement.

Plumbing System Maintenance

Your plumbing system is responsible for moving hot and cold water to different points throughout your home. It is instrumental in maintaining a clean, safe and sanitary environment. As your home ages, your plumbing system can deteriorate and lead to problems like blockages, rust, leaky faucets, and even flooding.

Plumbing problems are tough to fix and costly if the damage is extensive. Regular maintenance of your plumbing system, such as water heater tune-ups and drain line cleaning, will prevent the need for repairs in the future.

Electrical System Maintenance

It’s vital to make sure your electrical system is well maintained. Electrical problems can be a significant safety issue in your home and are one of the leading causes of house fires. A qualified electrician can:

  • Inspect your breaker box and electrical wiring
  • Replace outdated wiring
  • Check for loose connections
  • Test appliances and outlets before use
  • Clean away dust from electrical system components

Roof Maintenance

The roof protects your entire home from the elements; it’s an aesthetic feature and one of the most expensive components to replace. Maintenance services, when ignored, lead to leaks that can cause extensive damage inside your walls and ceilings.

The frequency of a roof inspection varies depending on the climate and size of your home. When you purchase a home, schedule a roof inspection right away to determine whether or not repairs are needed.

Ensure there aren’t any broken tiles, missing shingles, or other roof-related issues. An annual inspection is usually sufficient to catch any minor issues for a typical two-story home. If you live in a climate that experiences extreme weather or has high winds, schedule your inspection at least twice a year.

Cooling System Maintenance

Your cooling system comes to life when the weather heats up, but preventative maintenance can keep it from running as hard as it needs to. The system’s health is one of the most significant factors in your energy bills, so maintain it well.

Maintenance experts can clean your system, inspect the evaporator coil, determine the proper refrigerant levels, and ensure that your cooling fan works properly. Cleaning or replacing an evaporator coil can save you as much as 15% on your cooling bills.

Lawn Maintenance

When you first purchase your home, your lawn may be your pride and joy. However, it will become overgrown without proper maintenance and cost you more money to maintain in the long run. During a lawn maintenance visit, a landscaper will:

  • Fertilize the lawn
  • Inspect for pests and disease
  • Maintain irrigation systems
  • Remove dead grass and weeds from the yard
  • Trim overgrown plants and trees

Maintenance Services Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

Preventative maintenance is always the best way to keep your home running smoothly. Preparing for any future problems will reduce stress and prevent you from spending more than you need to on repairs. Be sure to schedule one of these maintenance services before any issues arise.