The living room is the most trafficked room of the house. It entertains guests, hosts a lot of parties and conversations, and is the first room that builds an impression on others. One of the most important rooms in your home, the living room must get some extra love. Since none of us are going to parties, concerts, or heading to our favorite bars, the living room is where all the action is. Chances are, your living room even doubles as your office while you work from home.

If you want to renovate your home and can only think of one space that deserves effort and love, it has to be the living room. Here are some of the top living room trends you need to watch out for in 2021. 

1. Bold furniture 

The couches or armchairs in your living room will be a statement piece and you should carefully choose them. People are trading the standard neutrals for the bright colors, big florals, and trendy tie-dye. Bright and bold patterns can add a lively pop to space and can cheer up the entire space in no time. You do not need to brighten up the entire room, you can pick bright colored couches while keeping neutral blinds in the room. It will complement the space well and will not look too bold. 

2. Art Deco living rooms

The twenties are back in the trend and art deco-inspired living rooms are in demand. This design goes well in the contemporary decors as it has pure lines and sleek minimalism. It is a style that will easily incorporate itself in homes with little architecture. The idea is to be able to head to the past by using modern elements and mixing the old and new to give the space character. You can achieve the look by combining materials, and styles over different time periods. It will create a layered space that reflects your personality. 

3. Bring the outdoors in

2021 will be the year where we become one with nature. There will a lot more textures, colors, and materials brought inside the room. Right from the handwoven wool rugs, to the textures, and seasonal flowers, we will see it all. The coffee tables will have natural stone bowls for display and there will be items that add warmth and comfort indoors. There are several ways to incorporate the trend using sustainable materials. 

4. Big gallery walls

The walls of your living room will tell stories in a big way. People are going to embrace the full-wall gallery. There will be a lot of investment in art and displaying the decor you may have picked up on your travels. This trend will see homeowners showing their work to create spaces that blend with the vibe and it will transcend any trend. Artwork, photographs, and decor can add personality to the space.

5. Go cozy chic

After spending almost a year indoors, our living rooms have become a space that works as a home office, and play area for children. This year we will see the room getting the respect it deserves. It will become cozier and more inviting. The room will not only be a space that looks pretty but will be a functional space you can live in. All the furniture in the room, including the cozy sofas, and plush chairs will define the people who live there and the room will be your cozy space. 

6. Defined luxury

With more families spending time indoors, the home and furniture selection has become a lot more relaxed. The living rooms in 2021 will have games tables in place with an armchair or a recliner for eating meals while watching a movie. Once a living room has now become a multi-functional space where children work on the laptop and attend virtual classes while the parents are engaged on a call in a different part of the room. This room has become the most used and lived in inside the home. 

Your living room tells stories about your family and you must ensure that it is a reflection of your style and personality. Decorating the living room does not necessarily mean investing a huge amount of money in it, you can make small but significant changes to the room to ensure that it is comfortable yet functional and stylish. 2021 will see an increased usage of the room and you must make every effort to ensure it serves the purpose. 

Bring out the art and the indoor plants to make the space look natural and aesthetically pleasing. There is nothing like a cozy and comfortable living room in a house. These 6 trends will rule throughout 2021 and will be seen across many homes.