It can be challenging to find a vanity table that fits your small room. Amazingly, make up vanity table can be customized to suit small spaces. Don’t limit your makeup table to only the bedroom. You should also consider setting it up in the bathroom if there is space. The corner small makeup vanity table flip mirror is the best makeup vanity table for small spaces. 

Features of Corner small makeup vanity table flip mirror

This vanity table is well-known for safely storing jewelry and makeup. There is more to this. You will get a stool, dresser table, accessories sets and an instruction guide when you order your set. Here are the features that make corner small makeup vanity table flip mirror the best makeup table for small space.

  • Storage space- Makeup and jewelries may occupy a large space during safe keeping.  The corner small makeup vanity table flip mirror has plenty of storage space for both your jewelry and makeup. You will have an easy time retrieving them and safely storing them after usage. There is one big space you can store personal effects. This makeup vanity table also has 9 separate storage spaces you can use. These storage spaces pave for you to store bigger items on other spaces within the house.
  • Built-in mirror – The mirror is square. This helps ensure your makeup and jewelries are in order before stepping out of the house. The top part of the table is reversible when you are done with the mirror. 
  • Reversible top part- The top part of the corner small makeup vanity table has a flip mirror. This means it can be flipped when not in use. Therefore, you can convert this makeup table into a writing table within a short period. It is also easy to reverse the writing table into a makeup table. 

  • A stool- Corner small makeup vanity table flip mirror comes with a cushioned stool. The cushion gets you comfortable while applying your makeup. This stool also has a reasonable height that allows you to stay seated on the stool without getting tired. Additionally, the stool has a modern design that makes it match with any furniture around it. 
  • Hardwood- Hardwood is the material used on almost every part of the Corner small makeup vanity table. Particle boards are also use on this table. The combination of these two materials assures you of long term service. 

Here are other top makeup vanity tables that can fit in small spaces.

Dark Walnut Vanity set with mirror

This makeup vanity table occupies a small space. It has a modern look that can blend with furniture in the bedroom. The dark walnut vanity set with mirror has multiple drawers and other storage compartments. You can neatly store both your makeup and jewelries on the drawers. This makeup vanity table is made from both manufactured and natural woods. 

Therefore, be assured of long term service because of the quality materials used. The outer part of the makeup vanity table has been painted to represent a dark walnut wood. This table also comes with a mirror at the top. There is also a stool you can seat on when transforming yourself into a beauty.

Solid Wood Vanity with mirror

The solid wood vanity with wood presents a combination of white and black colors. This gives it an amazing look. Solid wood vanity with mirror has storage shelves and drawers. This allows you to store some personal effects and save space in other parts of the house. There is also a rectangular shaped mirror at the top that can be adjusted to meet your needs. The overall weight of solid wood vanity with mirror has a weight of 48.5 lbs. It is stable and easy to move at any part of the house.

Espresso Finish Vanity set with mirror and stool

You need comfort when applying makeup and preparing yourself to step out. Espresso finish vanity makeup table comes with a nested stool to ensure you are comfortable while applying makeup on yourself. It also comes with a mirror that helps you monitor your makeup process. The mirror is adjustable to be able to see yourself in different angles. The manufactured wood used and wood veneers bring out a marvelous look. Espresso Finish vanity set also has a drawer.

Old Fashioned Vanity with mirror

The old fashioned vanity with mirror is an excellent makeup vanity table for houses with small space. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space. This makeup vanity table has three drawers. The drawers can be used to store some personal effects. Old fashioned vanity with mirror also comes with an oval shaped mirror. This makeup vanity table also comes with an old school chair you can sit. 

There is no doubt makeup vanity table for small space gives many ladies an easy time applying makeup and taking care of themselves.