How hard could it be to redecorate your home? Before the active development of informational technologies, people were trying to do that with their personal understandings, having nothing more to rely on than the assortment of goods and what they have seen on TV or something like that. Trends and basic information about quality and comfort weren’t accessible so easily, as it has become as social media has squeezed into consumers’ lives. Today, both consumers and interior design specialists can meet their goals onl[ine, spreading and accepting information with a few short clicks. 

However, whether you are a design enthusiast or a specialist, it is not enough to buy cheap YouTube subscribers to become popular – you will have to do much more work. Nowadays you don’t have to create everything from scratch. To avoid rookie mistakes and find inspiration, you can check out what other interior designers are doing on YouTube! And this is the list of the most interesting interior designers to follow on this platform. 

Janea Brown

This girl attracts her audience with her sunny and cheery personality. In her videos, she focuses on wellness, as well as design tips for your home. For bonding with the audience, Janea shares not only insights into stylish interior design, but she also filmed her journey to happiness, making the channel look more personal and close to the public. For people who are interested solely in home design, Janea created a playlist she regularly updates with new videos, so nothing would distract users from the topic. However, you should check out all her content, just to understand the background of her designs. 

Alexandra Gater

Alexandra who lives in Toronto has a special blog theme. She shows people how to make a rented space feel like it is your home. Her videos offer viewers a hell of a hack, how to increase the comfort level in your rented place. In her special series Studio Fix, Alexandra refurbishes studio apartments to make them look like a picture. She is also fluent in modern trends and understands well the needs of her audience. 

Alexandra is a wonderful example of fitting in the perfect niche. More and more people today prefer to rent an apartment or a house rather than buy it. This way people can have more opportunities to travel and change their lifestyle as they please. However, it is very important for your mental health to have a place where you can relax. Alexandra’s videos help you to take your home with you wherever you may go. 


This channel is a treasure for people who love DIY projects. Drew, the author of the channel, definitely has something to offer to people who wish to learn how to make unique details for their interiors. He is determined to prove to his viewers that there is no need to sell a kidney for getting an exclusive piece of furniture or redoing your house design. Special interest on his channel would be the videos where Drew is trying out viral hacks from TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest, and explains them to his audience. 

Mr. Kate

This girl is well known for her series “ OMG We’re coming over”. Kate is visiting other people’s rooms and giving them a wonderful makeover with her team. It can be anything: bedrooms, cabinets, bathrooms – you name it. Kate is also attracting lots of people with her witty and positive personality, which, being a host of her series, is easy to discover and enjoy. DIY lovers can find something to learn from her too, as she often offers to refurbish old things and give them a fresh breath. 

The Sorry Girls

Becky and Kelsey are also your ears who make DIY videos. Their projects are interesting and intricate, yet easy for anyone to complete. Having the two of them as hosts, the channel impresses the audience with the dynamic flow in each video. Save that idea – having an actual partner to talk to in your video makes it easier to address viewers too. Also, the girls are caring for all types of their target audience – so they graduate their content from the easiest projects to more complicated ones, that will require some skills. 


This Californian concentrates her content on redecorating the apartments and can help you to understand how to make a rental feel like home. She started her career as a blogger by redecorating her apartment according to her needs and preferences. Today she performs wonderful makeovers that don’t require a big budget and wouldn’t make your landlord angry. On her channel, you can find some money-saving hacks and discoveries too. 

XO, MaCenna

If you have an old chair and don’t know what to do with it, and you don’t want to dump it – this is the right channel for you. Here you can find lots of ideas of how to renew your old pieces of furniture so they look exclusive and hot. MaCenna has a good clue about styling all the elements of the interior so your apartment or room doesn’t look disintegrated. Not so long ago, she bought a cottage, so now she opens a new page of her content range, diving into the process of creating a lovely and functional home from scratch. 

Kristen McGowan

If you love minimalistic and functional designs, Kristen has something to show you. She is a skilled designer with relevant education, who understands well the principles of creating a comfortable place to live. Kristen loves filming videos about IKEA, so her designs are quite affordable for anyone – just make sure you have prepared to spend literally a ton of money! That’s how good Kristen is. So, if you need a big function on a small budget, along with smart placing – you have to check this channel out. 

Arvin Olano

Arvin is a new face in this niche, yet he has already harnessed over 200k subscribers on his YouTube channel. Arvin is all about details. His focus is to provide helpful tips about useful and interesting interiors and furniture details. Need to choose something – ask Arvin how to decide whether this product is worth its price. Olano doesn’t concentrate on reviews only. One of his goals is to make interior design available for all people – so he offers his viewers many hacks and evergreen trends. 

Rachel Metz

And the list is closed by the channel of another DIY pro. Rachel is a handy girl, who loves to try many things to make homes beautiful. Her videos about creating stuff by your hands are probably the most valuable to the audience because Rachel explains in detail what she is doing, and for what purpose. That is why people love her – with her comments and examples it is easy to replicate a project at home.