For quite some time now, many Australians have had to wonder whether window blinds or plantation shutters will serve them better.

Before we proceed, we feel the need to say that both plantation shutters and window blinds are excellent choices, and the one you choose depends on your needs.

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You may need to make this decision when you want to improve your current home or move into a new one.

Window Blinds

Window blinds are an enigmatic window treatment that works with most home styles. They help residents achieve the temperature regulation and light control needed to be comfortable.

If you want clean, straight lines, then window blinds may be ideal for you. They give residential spaces a modern feel no matter the design.

So, it does not matter if your home has a rustic, traditional, modern, or bohemian décor. Window

blinds can help you bring your look together, making your entire space whole. Blinds are also available in a wide variety of materials.

Plantation Shutters

This might not come as a surprise to you, but the primary difference between window blinds and plantation shutters is the way they are fitted to your windows.

You are more likely to see shutters attached directly to window frames for a sturdier structure.

Plantation shutters are known for their wide louvres, and they are often in white, natural stain colours, or off-white.

This is not to say that they do not come in other colours, but these colours are the most popular. If you want to give your home a traditional or retro look, then plantation shutters are worth considering.

Pros of Window Blinds


Blinds are ideal for giving dated decors a hint of modernity. They enable us to improve our spaces by adding a touch of modernity that goes a long way in interior decoration.

Window blinds are made using a myriad of materials. For example, with wooden blinds, you get an earthy vibe in your space, while neutral colours like beige and white create a more modern and industrial feel.

Ideal for Smaller Spaces

Often, blinds are ideal for small rooms with limited or smaller space. This is because you can easily pair curtains or drapes with blinds to create awesomeness in your home or office space.

Is your aim to make your space feel as cozy as possible? If your answer is yes, then window blinds are ideal for you, and they are worth considering.

Pros of Plantation Shutters

Potential Increase in Energy Efficiency

Did you know that based on the material your plantation shutters are constructed with, you can improve energy efficiency in your home?

Not many people know the materials we utilize for our window treatments can go a long way in helping us save or lose money.

For example, individual plantation shutters made of modern synthetic materials can insulate your home up to three times better than wood.

Family Friendly

Since plantation shutters usually do not have cords, you do not have to worry about children and pets in your home getting injured by cords and wires.

Not only do plantation shutters look impressive, but they also afford your household an excellent level of safety that may not be available with window treatment alternatives.

Additionally, you want to ensure that your plantation shutters utilize non-toxic, water-based finishes.


There is a lot that goes into choosing the ideal window treatments. It is essential to keep in mind that the ideal treatments for your living room may be different than the ideal window treatments for your bedroom.

You do not have to choose between a window blind and a plantation shutter. And, you can mix and match them in your home if you need to.