A home’s electricity system is quite complex, consisting of a network of wires, circuits, switches, and outlets designed to efficiently and safely run even the highest energy-consuming homes. However, these systems can malfunction at any time and can, in turn, cause significant damage to property or harm to the inhabitants in a particular home. Incidents can be caused by different factors that you should know about to prevent dangerous outcomes like fire outbreaks. Read on to learn some common electrical problems at home and how to solve them. 

Flickering Lights

When you observe flickering lights in your home, there is good reason to be suspicious of an electrical fault. This could be a result of frayed wiring, which happens when strong winds shift cables. Another common cause of this problem is overlamping, which occurs when you place a bulb with a higher wattage than that of the socket. This practice is very dangerous because the intense heat from the bulb can melt or burn the wiring and the socket,  which leads to an increased risk of electrical fires. Flickering lights can also damage your light bulbs.

You have to tighten any loose electrical outlets to stay safe while also making sure to change your bulbs frequently and to stick to the correct wattage. All bulbs in your home should have the same wattage to prevent the problem of flickering lights. You should use 60-watt bulbs or smaller ones if the lighting fixtures have no marked wattage. It is recommended that you call Luno.com.au immediately if you suspect that the issue could result from bad wiring.

Outdated Wiring

If your home is older than  25 years old, the chances are high that it’s electrical wiring is outdated, and that could lead to issues much more serious than flickering lights, such as blowing fuses and circuit breaker tripping. If any of these things keep recurring, you may need to rewire your property. Rewiring your home requires an experienced and fully qualified electrician. The electricians at Loftera explain that there are different signs of damage you should look out for, like stained or discolored electrical outlets; these will tell you if you need rewiring. Power surges resulting from bad wiring can be a fire risk, which is the primary reason you should consider installing a new electrical system. Electrical safety should be a high priority in your home, so you must talk to a qualified electrician before any problems escalate. 

Tripping Circuit Breaker

There is a chance that your circuit breaker will trip, which is caused by connecting high power-consuming appliances at the same time. While tripping is a sign that your house is protected, you need to check your breaker’s wattage. You can ask your electrician to upgrade the breaker if you think that its power supply is lower than the total energy required by your appliances. You must also avoid using high energy-consuming gadgets like industrial tools in your home since they can significantly contribute to the problem.  

Power Outlet Losing Grip

When the socket loses grip on the plugged device, you should pay attention to this problem. With time, the contacts in the outlet sockets can wear out, causing them to become loose, and this can be a serious issue that leads to sparks. Electric sparks are the primary cause of fire outbreaks in many homes. You need to replace the receptacles when you realize that they are loose, and you can do this yourself. You must install three-prong receptacles to ensure that all your electronics are correctly earthed to avoid electric shocks.

Electric Shocks

Electric shocks are also common if power is not connected correctly and used in your home. For instance, inappropriate wiring of the electricity supply can contribute to nasty electric shocks. The problem can also be attributed to fixtures installed in old houses that are no longer compatible with modern equipment. You can get an electric shock when you switch on a device or hold it barefooted. You can change a gadget to check the issue. However, to be on the safe side, it is a good idea to talk to your electrician to resolve the problems. 

Light Switches Not Working

Another common electrical problem that you can encounter in your home relates to light switches not working. If you have adjustable switches, you may realize that you get inadequate lighting even when you adjust the control to a brighter level. This issue could be a result of substandard products comprising dim switches or bad workmanship. It can also be a fault of the circuit or wiring causing the problem, so you need to consult a commercial electrician in Geelong to rectify it.

Power Surges

Surges are common, and they can last for a fraction of a second, but they can lead to damage to your appliances. Electrical surges are usually caused by improper wiring in the home or damaged power lines.  Lightning strikes can also cause power surges. You can try disconnecting power boards together with other devices from the main grid. If the problem persists, you must call a qualified electrician. Other people prefer the option of installing surge protectors, but this may not be a lasting solution if the problem is caused by wiring.  

High Electricity Bills

You have every reason to be worried if you receive high electricity bills every month compared to other homeowners in your neighborhood. This problem is common in older homes with outdated wiring that cannot handle modern devices. You should not overwhelm your power outlets with multiple appliances at the same time. Ultimately, you can consider rewiring the home to reduce your utility bills in the long run. 

Specific electrical issues are common in homes, and they are caused by different factors that you should know. You should never underestimate the risks posed by such problems since they can lead to the outbreak of electrical fires that can damage your property and valuable possessions. However, the good news is that most electrical dangers could be mitigated if you enlist a qualified electrician’s services to conduct regular inspections of the wiring system of your home. When the wiring is outdated, you can consider replacing it. More importantly, you must ensure that you use quality products that are certified by reputable manufacturers.