For most people, owning a fixer-upper home that they don’t live in anymore is a liability. And as such, they often put these properties to the market for sale. If you own one or two of these fixer-upper homes that don’t mean much to you, you will more likely do the same.

Fortunately, there’s nothing short of a demand when it comes to people looking for a fixer-upper home to purchase. For one, it gives them the advantage to renovate them in their touch. As the owner, your goal is to get these people into buying your home and turn this property into profit.

Here are some tips to follow to help you sell your home without much of a hassle.

Need Some Repairs or Leave them As is?

Knowing how to sell a house that needs repair work and is marketable enough to attract potential buyers is the main idea of selling these properties. This means that you must set up an expectation on how much money you need to shell out to make the home appealing. Despite still counting as a fixer-upper, you must maintain a good cut after the sale.

More repairs on your end mean a higher selling price for a good return of investment, but a higher price on a fixer-upper home is not always the right choice. Your potential clients will do anything to lower the price.

It is recommended for first-timers to enlist a property inspector to assess your home and determine its current state. Inspecting your home for structural faults and utilities, as well as pest concerns, will help you determine which areas are needed for repairs and which areas can be left as is.

Full Disclosure is a Must

Whenever you’re selling a property, full disclosure is a legal and moral requirement for sellers. Even if the property is not in the best condition as it was before, you should never resort to lying and keeping information about its obvious faults from potential buyers.

DIshonesty is more than just a simple act of negligence, but a massive fault that can potentially do more harm than good. Not only will you push away potential clients, but you may also receive a legal action on account that you’re not disclosing necessary information.

Buyers may have different preferences and ways to haggle prices, but they all hate and disdain dishonest sellers, no matter how big the lie is.

Bring Optimism to your Listing and Highlight the Features.

Everybody knows there are apparent faults and disarrays in a fixer-upper home. That is why you must highlight all the attractive features as much as possible. To compensate for the disclosures that you have to share about the negative aspects of your home, provide crisp and beautiful pictures of your house, especially the parts that are aesthetically pleasing.

One suggestion is to hire a real estate agent to help you with online listings. These people have a trained eye for aesthetically pleasing features and good points to highlight in your home. Overall, sharing these positive aspects would surely get homebuyers interested, despite the flaws.

Find The Right Real Estate Agent

Make no mistake: real estate agents are always an asset in making fixer-uppers marketable, especially for those who have prior experience.

What makes them unique is their skill set. They are focused on making thorough assessments and guide you through to make your property the best it can be. Additionally, they are the best people to answer questions, such as the correct price-tagging on this property, when to sell it on the market, and how much you should spend on advertising and repairs.

Perhaps the best part of getting a real estate agent is they have an objective approach, which won’t be affected by the investor’s sentiments and emotions. They are inclined to get the most realistic idea of selling this property at the right price.

Clean Up your Property

The best way to get a good impression on your property is getting it cleaned. While your home may require some degree of renovation, it doesn’t mean you can leave the other parts messy. Aside from the fact that it costs almost nothing to clean your home, it makes it stand out among the rest.

Additionally, it is recommended to get your house professionally cleaned before selling it, if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks along the way.


Despite its flaws and faults, fixer-upper homes have the potential to be profitable, and that is why they are marketed as such. Houses like these are bound to draw in contractors and home improvement enthusiasts. There are different things buyers will look out for in a fixer-upper home, but as long as you keep them attractive and stay honest about it, you can always gain the upper hand and sell them at the best price tag.