Is it time for you to buy new furniture for your home? How can you tell? Read on to learn the top signs you need new furniture.

The average person spends over $12,000 on furniture and decor when they first move into their house. After that, they spend an additional $4,420 per year on updates to make sure their house feels like a home.

When a huge chunk of that is spent on furniture, it makes sense that you’d want to get as much use out of it as possible. But where do you draw the line between “our furnishings still work” and “it’s time to get new furniture”?

Luckily, there are a few telltale signs that can help you decide.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover the top signs that your home could use new furniture.

It’s Damaged

Take a look at your upholstered furniture. Do you see any rips, holes, or worn-out areas? What about fading or stains?
It’s Damaged
Now take a look at your other furniture. Do you notice peeling paint, chips, cracks, or scratches? These are all signs that it’s probably time for an upgrade.

It’s Wobbly

Do you get nervous every time you sit on a certain chair or place a plate on your table? If your furniture wobbles a lot, the structure may be weakening.

Your first step will be to look for loose screws. Many times, you can simply tighten these to fix the problem. However, if they’re on securely and the furniture is still wobbling, or if the screws keep coming loose, you should consider getting new furniture.

It’s Creaking

A weakening structure isn’t always obvious from the outside. But if you hear creaking whenever you use your furniture, it may be time to replace it. At best, this is annoying, and at worse, it could break while in use and cause a real mess.

The Cushions Are Flat

What good is having a couch if it’s not plush and comfortable when you sit down? Over time the cushions will start to wear and become flat.
The Cushions Are Flat
However, if the rest of the couch is still in good shape, you may be able to add new filling to the cushions and bring them back to life. If not, it’s probably time to replace it.

It’s Not Comfortable

Furniture can be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. The cushions may be too flat, the design may be too rigid and upright, or maybe it’s just too small. Older mattresses often get grooves from where you lay every night and can leave you with back pain in the morning.

If any of this sounds familiar, you shouldn’t hesitate to get new furniture. You want something that helps you relax, not furniture that leaves you uncomfortable or with back pain.

It Has an Odd Odor

If you’re like most, you probably don’t clean your upholstery very often. Because of this, upholstered furniture can accumulate an odd odor over time.

If your furniture isn’t smelling fresh, consider giving it a nice cleaning. You’d be surprised just how new it can smell (and look) afterward. However, if you just can’t get rid of that odor, you should probably invest in some new furniture.

It Doesn’t Fit the Space

Did you move your current furniture from an old apartment into a house? Or maybe you’ve decided to downsize but keep all your furniture.
It Doesn’t Fit the Space
While this may seem like a good way to save money, your furniture may not fit into your new space properly. If you have too many pieces or they’re too big, your house can easily look cluttered and small. However, if your furniture is too small, your house can end up looking empty.

So, don’t be afraid to get new furniture if you’re moving. In order to fully enjoy your house, you need to find furniture that fits well within the space.

It Doesn’t Go with the Rest of Your Decor

It’s no secret that your tastes change over time. As this happens, you probably want to update your home to match your new style.

After painting and getting new decor from these reliable providers, you may notice that your old furniture doesn’t really go with the aesthetic you like.
And that’s okay!

If everything is still in good shape, consider selling it and putting that money towards new furniture.

You may also be able to reupholster some pieces to save money and get a whole new look.

You Don’t Have a Matching Set

Have you acquired new furniture over the years? Or maybe you got a few hand-me-down pieces from relatives. Unfortunately, this can leave you with a bunch of mismatched furniture.

Ideally, you want a matching set in your bedroom, living room, and dining room. This helps the room look cohesive and stylish, so consider upgrading to get a full matching set of furniture in each room.

However, this doesn’t always mean you have to ditch all the furniture in a room and start over.

Let’s say you recently bought two end tables for your bedroom. If you want to get a matching dresser and bed frame, see if the provider is still selling the collection from which you got the end tables.

If they are, you can simply buy the extra pieces without having to throw out the end tables.

Do You Need New Furniture?

Plant in warm living room
Furniture is expensive! But that doesn’t mean you should hold onto it until it breaks. Just follow the above guide to help you determine when it’s time to invest in new furniture for your home. From rips and stains to having mismatched pieces, there are tons of tell-tale signs to look for.

Do you want more tips to help your home look it’s best? Then check out the rest of our site for advice and inspiration.