One scroll through your social media and you know — everyone getting married! And that too in the most spectacular manner! Brides and bridegrooms have taken the wedding game up a notch by showcasing their individuality and personality traits through their outfits, venue, and even the food. Customization is here to stay, they say. And it keeps getting with every D-day. 

As we refer to this day as ‘The Big Day,’ of our lives, nothing can fall short. One thing that truly sets a wedding apart is how it makes your guests feel. The simplest roses arranged beautifully to form an arch at the beach? Or are the color of the curtains coordinated with the color scheme? The devil is in the wedding details. How do you achieve misty eyes and fulfilled hearts?

The best way of ensuring that the bride and groom’s personality can truly come alive is by having an unforgettable wedding theme. Not only are they the ideal way of saving you a lot of time arranging every little thing but also a feasible way of mapping out a plan to be followed. Let’s check out some exceptional themes that are worth the effort:

1 A Mystical Garden-like

Adding to its name, this magical garden theme is a very romantic wedding theme. You won’t need to rent a venue if you can rent a backyard that can fit in all your guests. For the budget-conscious, you also make use of your own space and transform it with interesting decor. 

Here’s a tip – placing some wildflowers along with hanging potted plants and scented candles on dinner tables help create the vibe. Fairy shaped cookies and sparkling beverages with a surprise make the food quirkier.

2 For the old-school soul in you – Go Vintage

If you are an old-school soul, vintage must be your calling. By championing a unique and budget-friendly theme, vintage décor items are easily available and can also be done yourself. Here’s how you can get started. 

Costume — a lace gown for the bride and the best girls.

Art — printed antique lamps and long candles stands for décor will give your wedding the royal look. 

Floral arrangements — white and red roses with low hanging glass chandeliers will add a touch of magic to your venue. 

Dinner seating — a polished white wooden table with sofas or low chairs and plenty of porcelain.

3 The dawn of a new age – Superheroes, it is!

Every time someone says ‘Avengers assemble!’, doesn’t it sound like a power-packed moment? 

Let’s get started by sending invites with a quote or dialogue from your favorite superhero movie. The theme could be dressing up as one universe (Marvel/DC) or any comic book superhero to spice it up. Place cutouts of superheroes at a comic-inspired photo booth. To end it well, have an after-party with cosplay awards!

4 Go tropical or go home

Swaying palm trees and sticky sand at the beach on your mind? Create your very own Love island-themed venue for your big day. 

Begin by serving mocktails in pineapple shells with cutesy umbrella straws, coconut cookies, and floral garlands for the guests that are sure to set up the LA-like weather. Additionally, play games and dance to music that echoes with the theme. Here are some suggestions – ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot’ or ‘La Bamba’ with your loved ones. For the art direction, place African Violets or Blood Lilies in significant areas to emphasize their prominence. As for the location, a beachside resort will go just well with your theme.


As you’ve read, there’s no doubt that a themed wedding can save all your energy and last-minute hassles. No matter how much you prepare in advance, it will always be a risky affair with sweet rewards anyways. A theme makes organizing easier, thus taking away all your blues. 

Besides, who doesn’t want to cosplay for their wedding? Let us know which one of these themes you liked the most and how you plan to incorporate it in your wedding.