Are you in need of an exam table for your healthcare facility? There are a lot of things to consider before you make your purchase. First, you have to think about meeting the health codes of the state. These can get a bit tricky but may decide the fate of your investment. And another thing to ponder on is the comfort it will give your patient as well as the caregiver. Sometimes facilities can neglect this especially the latter which may cause a lot of unnecessary inconveniences for hospital and clinic staff. And finally, you have to figure out how to make it all fit under budget. If you are buying in bulk you may be able to buy at a discount and you may also consider getting custom made tables to fit your specific needs which could help fit into your budget.

In this article we are going to break down the exam table into different kinds and we are going to examine them one by one. This will be a comprehensive guide into the exam table and will help you decide on your purchase.

Treatment Tables – The Simplest Exam Table

Treatment Tables – The Simplest Exam Table
If you are looking for the simplest kind of exam table then you must be referring to the treatment table. You may already be familiar with the treatment table as they are most commonly found on a lot of healthcare facilities. Physical therapy facilities and other similar medical areas make use of the treatment table as part of their equipment. The treatment table is known for its comfort. Most patients that use the table are usually under some form of unease and the table is designed specifically to put them in a more relaxed physical state. It has multiple paddings and has to be covered with high quality vinyl so that it can be easily cleaned. This is often a requirement from healthcare institutions. It is also convenient for healthcare clinics which do not have too much storage space because the bottom of the treatment table often has space for medical equipment. All in all, it is quite a simple exam table but still quite versatile. If you think that the functions of your medical facility can be accommodated on a treatment table, then you should look no further. As the simplest exam table, treatment tables are also the cheapest.

Box Tables – The Standard Exam Table

The most common exam table that you would find in exam rooms is the standard box table. Similar to the simple treatment tables, it features padding for support and comfort of the patient. Where it differs however is the additional feature of moving the backrest up and down. This feature divides the standard box table into two categories, one the standard box table that can be moved up and down pneumatically and two, the standard box table that is moved using electricity. The former is still the more prevalent one in most exam rooms. It is much cheaper compared to an electric standard box table but can do all functions. Electric standard box tables are often times reserved in cases where the patients either have to be moved in a careful fashion so as not to aggravate any injuries or for when the patient can be left to his or her own devices. In the latter cases, the patient will often be allowed to adjust his or her own standard box table to his or her own preference.

Another aspect of the standard box table is having several drawers beneath it. This is often filled with medical supplies and equipment that the patient or the staff may need at any time. This space is afforded to the standard box table because this exam table is often used to treat patients that need not move around but should be in close proximity to an examining physician. Since standard box tables are often so far off the ground, in contrast to the lower treatment table, the standard box table will usually have strategically placed steps beside it to help the patient move down and stand up. These steps are often quite rigid and add a few additional weight overall to the entire standard box table. When picking a standard box table, be sure to be wary about how the drawers open. There are some situations where the life and death of a patient depends on how fast the staff can reach for an equipment from beneath the exam table in cases where it is installed on the emergency room. In which case, you should pick box tables where the drawers can be pulled out from any of the sides. This way, no matter where the staff is facing the patient, he or she can get any equipment or medical supply as quickly as he or she possibly can.

ADA Exam Tables

ADA Exam Tables
Depending on the kinds of patients your healthcare facility caters to, you have to ensure to invest on their comfort. It is no surprise to anyone that visits to the hospital are not the most favorite thing in the world for people to do. The least that healthcare facilities can do is to ensure the safety, comfort and even the dignity of the patients that go there.

With that said, if your healthcare facility deals with elderly people or people that have difficulty moving about, you may want to consider buying an ADA exam table. This was specifically designed to remove the steps on a box table.

Not everyone can easily jump over a standard box table because these tables are oftentimes too tall. Using an ADA exam table, an electrically powered mechanism quickly and easily leads a patient into the exam table. This also makes the entire experience dignifying for patients that might feel offended of being carried by staff into the exam table.

ADA exam tables are quite expensive compared to the treatment table and the box table. Make sure that you have exhausted other options before buying this one.