One of the most important roles in creating the image of the company is the appearance of the office. Furniture decoration can tell a lot about the solidity of the company, forms the clients’ idea of its success and potential. Moreover, a competent choice can be the key to fruitful work and psychological comfort of all employees. Therefore, the choice should be taken with complete seriousness.

Furniture stores offer an unimaginable amount of goods, so, at first glance, it is very difficult to decide on the purchase. The buyer should clearly define what plan of furniture he needs. First of all, it must match the image of the company. For example, the furniture of a financial company must be made in a concise strict style, inspired by the idea of solidity of its owner. The opposite example – art design studio, which is dominated by bright colors, unusual shapes of tables and chairs. At the same time, office furniture should fit the layout of the room in which it will be installed. An executive office chair not only gives you that design and layout fitting for your own office but it’s also made with materials that provide durability and comfort. So when you’re working, you’re supported with a chair that is fitting for royalty! If the room has a non-standard shape, asymmetrical furniture with a curved design will fit perfectly into it.

Office furniture, consisting of different modules and elements will be a good option, because it can be assembled and disassembled at any time. This will be a visionary decision when your company decides to move to another place.

The quality of the furniture is probably the most important thing to pay attention to. For the first time during the assembly there should be no complaints. Be sure to check the reliability of mounts and mechanisms, assess whether they can withstand repeated assembly-disassembly. It is worth paying attention to the strength of fittings, facing materials and side panels. At the same time, the furniture must be resistant to high temperatures, moisture and damage. Longevity of furniture depends on the material from which it is made and its coating. Furniture made of chipboard or MDF is preferred, as it is known for its high level of wear and tear resistance and heat resistance. Furniture made of natural materials is a good choice. It is more durable, will last longer, besides, such furniture is environmentally friendly and looks much more impressive in the office.

The best option is to choose the furniture, faced with melanin, because of its excellent reliability. It is perfect for the office and will not get serious damage from the spilled coffee. The veneer is much more capricious in this respect. The disadvantages of melanin include the limited ability to imitate natural tree species. Furniture, covered with laminate, can be painted in any color, including patterns that resemble natural wood.

The psychological aspect also plays a big role. Office furniture should create a working atmosphere, look aesthetic and decorate the interior of the room as a whole. Comfortable working conditions, provided by physical and psychological comfort, are extremely important for employees. Standard rectangular tables and wooden chairs are a thing of the past. Ergonomic, rounded furniture is a more modern solution. In addition, curved corners and smooth lines, in contrast to the “rough” straightness, will contribute to a favorable atmosphere in the team and add originality to your office.

If the employees will be located face to face, it is desirable to install desktop partitions between them for functional and visual division of the working space. The table should be sufficient in size to accommodate all the necessary items for work – monitor, various folders, notepad, pen and so on. A retractable stand is desirable for keyboard and mouse. Modern tables and chairs should be adjustable in height, the office worker will be very happy if he can change the angle of inclination of the back of his chair. If the chair is equipped with wheels, you will add mobility and convenience to your employee.

Office nightstands are indispensable for the organization of work places. Closets and shelves also play an important role – they can store documents and other office supplies in full order. In addition, cabinets should not overload the space and psychologically put pressure on employees of their size. That is why lightweight small cabinets made of glass, aluminum and plastic are now in fashion.

Choosing office furniture, it is better to buy it not in parts, but in a set. Otherwise, then you will have to adjust to the existing texture and model. Furniture should have a good packaging, which will ensure its safety during transportation. When buying, make sure that there are no signs of damage on the packaging. Remember that good furniture costs a lot of money. If you value the respectability, comfort and psychological comfort of your employees, it is better not to save money. Properly chosen office furniture can be the key to successful and productive work of your company.