In US almost every homeowners agree that they tend to extensively use their garage door as a main entry to their home than the main door. It is one of the products where we cannot just fix it and forget about it all together, it needs some regular maintenance to keep it up and function smoothly. Here in this article let us briefly look into various tips of how to maintain your garage door year around and prepare it before winter or spring season and make it ready for any weather.

When you should schedule a service?

In general, scheduling a service for your garage door must be consistent to get an extended life of the product. Annual maintenance of your garage door is sufficient if there is no other complains or physical damage of the door. Choose a skilled technician from a reputed company like where they undertake various kind of services including but not limited to fixing broken garage door cables, fixing the broken door rollers for smoother door movements, repairing off track garage doors which is a common problem after years of usage, fixing broken door hinges and so on.
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Preparing your Garage Door for all seasons

  • Winter is one of the season where certain home appliances and products need to be well maintained and serviced to withstand the freezing outdoor temperatures. Hence, garage doors also need special preventive care before winter like lubricating well the hinges, tracks and rollers for uninterrupted function.
  • Make sure your garage door is free from any ice blocks or other debris due to the outside weather. This can be maintained by opening and closing the garage door daily and check if there is any frost build-up in any part of the garage door system.
  • Usually weather stripping is responsible for high energy bills as the cold air easily penetrates through these doors if it is not maintained properly.Also, it leads to cracks or broken parts as well.
  • Like winter, spring season also needs special attention and it is important to keep it ready for upcoming summer time. It is also essential to declutter your garage during spring by removing unwanted items from your garage which you can either recycle or donate some of your unused stuff.
  • Provide enough ventilation of your garage during your spring-cleaning routine as it helps to provide good air flow and ensures to get rid of any musty or mould build-ups and gives a fresh smell to your garaging space.
  • Wipe out the interiors and exteriors of your garage door with soft cleaning liquid and ensure to keep your front part of your garage door from dust, debris or any salt deposits that is sprinkled during winter months.
  • It is always a better idea to get a thorough inspection of your garage door in any season with the help of professional consultation for a more safer and reliable method.

Apart from these seasonal maintenance and annual services, some garage doors may need an upgrade because after extensive usage for more than a decade, it may fade in colour over the course of time or it may use the older technology in the door handling system. Replace it with latest technology and select from the various materials with unmatchable design and patterns.